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TitleSingle-Phase Switching Regulators
DescriptionAdvanced Cpu Power Supply
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a single chip high-performance Hysteretic controller. With its integrated Smart Driver, it powers AMD Duron and Transmeta CPUs, directly supporting on-the-fly VID changes required by these processors. The SC1477 eliminates an external multiplexer by allowing the output voltage for startup (and sleep mode) to be set with an external resistor. The SC1477 also incorporates automatic power-save to prevent negative current flow in the low-side FET during light loading conditions. A 5-bit DAC, accurate to 1%, sets the output voltage reference and implements the to 2.00V range required by the processor. The hysteretic converter uses a comparator without an error amplifier, and therefore provides the fastest possible transient response, while avoiding the stability issues inherent to classical PWM controllers. The SC1477 operates from 5Vdc and also features soft-start, an open-drain PWRGD signal with blanking, and an enable input. Programmable current limiting shuts the SC1477 down after 32 current limit pulses. It is available in a space saving TSSOP-24 package.


KComplete single-chip Vcore solution K 5-bit VID code K 1% output accuracy K Support continuous VID changes required for AMD Power TM Now and Transmeta LongRun operation K High efficiency over a wide operating range KFast transient response K High-speed gate drive capable of driving multiple MOSFETs (4A drive current) K PWRGD with blanking during VID changes K Precision current sense and Over-current protection K Over-voltage and over-temperature shutdown

KNotebook Computer CPUs KInternet appliances KNetwork server power supplies KPower PC CPUs


Junction Temperature Thermal Impedance (junction to ambient)
Unless otherwise noted: VCCA = 5V (refer to Figure 85 C Circuit = Typical Application Circuit

SUPPLY, BIAS, UVLO, VID REGULATOR AND POWERGOOD Supply (VCCA, V5, GND) V5 Supply Voltage Range VCCA Supply Voltage Range VCCA Quiescent Current V5 VCCA ICCQ EN is low EN is high, and VCCA in UVLO VCCA Operating Current (Static) UnderVoltage Lock Out Circuit Threshold ( VCCA falling) VCCA Hysteresis

Vcore Power Good Generator (PWRGD) Input Threshold VTH_CORE

VDAC=0.925V Upper threshold 2.000V. Note that during UVLO, the Lower threshold output level of this signal is undefined. Hysteresis Pull-up with External to 1.4V. VCORE = VDAC VCORE u t UVLO condition CORE CONVERTER CONTROLLER

Output Voltage Note: During the latency time of any VID code change, the PWRGD output signal is not valid.

Core Conver ter Softstar t (SS) Vss Softstar t Termination Threshold Core Conver ter Softstar t Current Note: Softstar t cap is not discharged until Enable goes low or UVLO cuts in. To enable bias and soft-star t, Vss has to drop below VSS_EN. VSS Enable Threshold DAC VID [0..4] VID Input Threshold VVID_IH VVID_IL DAC Output Voltage Accuracy VDAC_ERR


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