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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters
Description60ma Programmable Fixed Frequency Charge Pump Doubler
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a versatile charge pump designed for use in battery operated power supply applications. A simple, low current charge pump doubler can be implemented without costly inductors or capacitors. Internal MOSFET's and control circuitry eliminate the need for costly board space and design time. The small device footprint allows for compact circuit design. The SC1464 charge pump can be used for applications that require 60mA of output current with VIN = 2.85V and VOUT = 5.2V. The small 8 lead MSOP-8 package helps minimize board space. The TF1 and TF2 pins provide binary control of the oscillator frequency to either 1 MHz, or 8kHz. The user can change the frequency during operation with extremely fast settling time.

FEATURES = Small size - MSOP-8 package = Typical efficiency 90% @ full load = Designed to work with ceramic or tantalum

capacitors Soft start functionality Short-Circuit and Over-Temperature protection <55A input current @ no load (TF1=0;TF2=1) <330A input current @ no load (TF1=0;TF2=0) Oscillator frequency accurate to 5% Shutdown current < 1A All Specifications rated over the full temperature range to 85 C)

Cellular phones Handheld devices PDA power supplies Peripheral card supplies
Note: (1) Only available in tape and reel packaging. A reel contains 2500 devices.

Parameter Input Supply Voltage Output Voltage VOUT Short-Circuit Duration Operating Ambient Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 Sec Thermal Temperature Junction to Ambient Thermal Impedance Junction to Case Symbol VIN TA TJ TSTG TLEAD JA JC Maximum to +8 Indefinite to C C/W Units V

Unless specified, EN = VIN, CBucket = 0.1), CIN , COUT = 1), VIN = 3V5%, VOUT to 6.2V.
Parameter Input Supply Voltage Input Supply Current

Max. Output Voltage(3) Short Circuit Current Output Ripple (pk-pk) Power Efficiency Oscillator Frequency

Unless specified, EN = VIN, CBucket = 0.1), CIN , COUT = 1), VIN = 3V5%, VOUT to 6.2V.

Parameter Time to Regulation at Turn-on(2)(3) Input High Threshold Input Low Threshold Inrush Current

Test Conditions 60 mA freq = 260kHz All input pins All input pins Upon application of VIN, Maximum average current over 10 periods

NOTES: (1) All electrical characteristics are for the application circuit on page 2. (2) Soft start functionality is performed along with short circuit protection. If VOUT is less than VIN - 200mV, then all switches are turned off and VOUT is charged with a 70mA current source from VIN. When VOUT reaches VIN - 200mV, then a current limit version of the switches are turned on until VOUT reaches VIN + a PMOS threshold, at which point all switches are enabled. (3) Guaranteed by design.



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