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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters => Charge Pumps
Description5ma Caplesstm Charge Pump
CompanySemtech Corporation
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The is a versatile charge pump designed for use in battery operated power supply applications requiring 5mA. It enables a simple low current boost circuit to be implemented without the costly inductors or capacitors associated with regular switching circuits. Features include internal MOSFETs, control circuitry and charge pump capacitor, requiring only two external capacitors for a total solution. With a very high operating frequency (8MHz free running 2.5V in typically), the SC1460 does not require large input or output capacitors, and therefore uses very little board space. Two versions of the SC1460 are available: the -3.3 produces a regulated 3.3V output from 2.5V in, and the -5.0 produces a regulated 5V output from 3.3V in. It is supplied in the popular 3 lead, SOT-23 package.

FEATURES Small size - SOT-23 package 4% voltage accuracy Typical 100uA quiescent current

APPLICATIONS Handheld Power Supplies PDA Power Supplies Notebook Power Supplies Peripheral Card Supplies Industrial Power Supplies High Density DC/DC Conversion ORDERING INFORMATION

Notes: (1) Where X.X denotes voltage options. Available voltages are: 3.3V and 5.0V. (2) Add suffix `TR' for tape and reel.

Parameter Supply Voltage Output Voltage Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Operating Temperature Symbol VIN TA TJ TSTG TL Maximum +150 300 Units V °C/W °C

Temperature Range Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 seconds

Unless specified: VIN 3.3V (-5.0 parts), VIN 2.5V (-3.3 parts), IO 4mA, CIN = 0.22uF, COUT = 25°C. Values in bold apply over full operating temperature range

Parameter Input Supply Voltage Input Supply Current Output Voltage
Output Ripple (pk-pk) Output Current Efficiency Oscillator Frequency



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