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DescriptionTDA8505; Secam Encoder
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Preliminary specification Supersedes data of May 1993 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 July 1994

FEATURES Two input stages, G, B and Y, -(R-Y), -(B-Y) with multiplexing. Chrominance processing, highly integrated, includes vertical identification, low frequency pre-emphasis and high frequency pre-emphasis (anti-Cloche) and bandpass filter. Fully controlled FM modulator which produces a signal in accordance with the SECAM standard without adjustments. Two reference oscillators, one for D'R f0 (4.40625 MHz) and one for D'B f0 (4.250 MHz). These oscillators are tuned by PLL loop with the frequency of the line sync as reference. Crystal tuning, or tuning by external reference source, of the reference oscillators is possible. Output stages, CVBS and separated Y + SYNC and CHROMA. For CVBS output, signal amplitude 2 V (p-p) nominal, thus only an external emitter follower is required for 75 driving. Sync separator circuit and pulse shaper, to generate the required pulses for the processing, line, frame, FH/2 and chrominance blanking. A 3-level sandcastle pulse is generated for PAL/NTSC to SECAM transcoding. FH/2 input for locking with another decoder. Colour killing on the internal colour difference signals. Internal bandgap reference. ORDERING INFORMATION PACKAGE TYPE NUMBER PINS TDA8505 32 PIN POSITION SDIP32 MATERIAL plastic GENERAL DESCRIPTION

The is a highly integrated SECAM encoding IC that is designed for use in all applications that require transformation R, G and B signals Y, U and V signals to a standard SECAM signal. The specification of the input signals is fully compatible with those of the TDA8501 PAL/NTSC encoder.

colour killing input 13 PULSE GENERATOR 1 nF PHASE DETECTOR 1 F LPFDR output 15


12 LPFDB output Y+SYNC output 2 V (p-p) 25 650 DELAY ns LINE BUFFER 23 Y+SYNC input 22 notch output


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