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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Tape Player/VCR
TitleTape Player/VCR
DescriptionTDA8440; Switch For CTV Receivers
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 November 1985

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a versatile video/audio switch, intended to be used in CTV receivers equipped with an AUXILIARY VIDEO/AUDIO plug. It provides two 3-state switches for audio channels and one 3-state switch for the video channel and a video amplifier with selectable gain (times 1 or times 2). The integrated circuit can be used in conjunction with a microcontroller from the MAB8400 family, and is controlled via a bidirectional I2C bus. Sufficient sub-addressing is provided for the I2C bus mode. It can also be controlled directly by d.c. switching signals.

Features Combined analogue and digital circuitry gives maximum flexibility in channel switching 3-state switches for all channels Selectable gain for the video channels Sub-addressing facility I2C bus or non-I2C bus mode (controlled by d.c. voltages) Slave receiver in the I2C bus mode External OFF command System expansion possible to 7 devices (14 sources) Static short-circuit proof outputs

QUICK REFERENCE DATA Supply voltage range Supply current (without load) Storage temperature Operating ambient temperature range PACKAGE OUTLINE 18-lead DIL; plastic SOT102-1; 1996 November V15-4 I15 Tstg Tamb 13,2 V typ. max. 125 C

S1, S2 and OFF (pins 13, 6 and 2) connected VP or GND. If more than 1 device is used, then the outputs and the pins 8 (bias decoupling of the audio inputs) may be connected in parallel.


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