Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TDA8385
DescriptionControl Circuit For a Self-oscillating Power Supply (SOPS)
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Cross ref.Similar parts: LM2524D, LM2575, LM2575-N, LM2575HV, LM3524D, LM78S40, SG2524, SG3524, TL2575-05, TL2575-12
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Features, Applications

Control circuit for a Self-Oscillating Power Supply (SOPS)

FEATURES Bandgap reference generator Slow-start circuitry Low-loss peak current sensing Over-voltage protection Hysteresis controlled stand-by function Error amplifier with gain setting Programmable transfer character generator Protection against open- and short-circuited feedback loop ORDERING INFORMATION EXTENDED TYPE NUMBER TDA8385 PACKAGE PINS 16 PIN POSITION DIL MATERIAL plastic Over-load current fold back characteristic LED driver Demagnetization protection Programmable determination of switch-on moment of switching transistor for low-switching losses Feed-forward input Regulation-indicator output Programmable minimum on-time of switching transistor Accurate peak-current setting.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TDA8385 is intended to be used in combination with the opto-coupler as a control unit for a self-oscillating power supply.

5 Vss + Ton (min) slow start voltage input 7 Vss reset (28) quick discharge 27 19

demagnetization I sim 9 I peak DEM DELAY 6 10 SAWTOOTH GENERATOR delay setting 12 5 current simulation input peak-current setting input demagnetization input

Fig.2 Block diagram; part B (continued from Fig.1; part A).


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