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TitleAmplifier Deflection
DescriptionTDA8358J; Full Bridge Vertical Deflection Output Circuit in Lvdmos With East-west Amplifier;; Package: SOT141-6 (DBS13P)
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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TDA8358J Full bridge vertical deflection output circuit in LVDMOS with east-west amplifier
Full bridge vertical deflection output circuit in LVDMOS with east-west amplifier

FEATURES Few external components required High efficiency fully DC-coupled vertical bridge output circuit Vertical flyback switch with short rise and fall times Built-in guard circuit Thermal protection circuit Improved EMC performance due to differential inputs East-west output stage. GENERAL DESCRIPTION

The is a power circuit for use in 90° and 110° colour deflection systems for 200 Hz field frequencies, and for : 3 and : 9 picture tubes. The IC contains a vertical deflection output circuit, operating as a high efficiency class G system. The full bridge output circuit allows DC coupling of the deflection coil in combination with single positive supply voltages. The east-west output stage is able to supply the sink current for a diode modulator circuit. The IC is constructed in a Low Voltage DMOS (LVDMOS) process that combines bipolar, CMOS and DMOS devices. DMOS transistors are used in the output stage because of absence of second breakdown.

QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL Supplies VP VFB Iq(P)(av) Iq(FB)(av) Ptot Vi(p-p) Io(p-p) Flyback switch Io(peak) Vo VI(bias) Io Tstg Tamb Tj maximum (peak) output current ms A supply voltage flyback supply voltage average quiescent supply current average quiescent flyback supply current total power dissipation during scan during scan mA W PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT

Inputs and outputs input voltage (peak-to-peak value) output current (peak-to-peak value) mV A
East-west amplifier output voltage input bias voltage output current mA °C

Thermal data; in accordance with IEC 747-1 storage temperature ambient temperature junction temperature +85 +150

plastic DIL-bent-SIL power package; 13 leads (lead length 12 mm)
D3 M2 Vi(p-p) D1 VI(bias) 0 INPUT AND FEEDBACK CIRCUIT INB 4 M3 Ii(p-p) II(av) 0 6 VGND 7 EWGND


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