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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers
DescriptionMultistandard if Amplifier And Demodulator
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 February 1991

The is a multistandard IF amplifier and demodulator with AGC and AFC functions for television receivers. The device has a video recognition circuit and a video switch for internal or external video for full SCART applications. FEATURES Full-range gain-controlled wideband IF amplifier to 60 MHz Wide-band video amplifier with good linearity and a class AB output stage to ensure a very low output impedance Supply independent video output level Small second harmonic IF output AGC circuit which operates on top sync level (negative modulation) or on white level (positive modulation) or on top level (MAC) with reduced sensitivity for high sound carriers AFC circuit with an internal 90° phase shift circuit, a sample-and-hold circuit for negatively modulated signals to reduce video dependent AFC information and an analog or digital output Video recognition possibility based on horizontal pulse duty cycles Video switch for selection of internal or external video signals Wide supply voltage range and ripple rejection Requires few external components Tuner AGC output for npn and pnp tuners QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL Gv V11-17(p-p) S/N V8-17(p-p) PARAMETER supply voltage (pin 14) supply current (pin 14) IF input sensitivity (RMS value) IF gain control range video output voltage (peakto-peak value) signal-to-noise ratio AFC output voltage swing (peak-to-peak value) 10 mV CONDITIONS MIN. TYP. MAX. dB V UNIT



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74ABT10PWDH : 74ABT10; Triple 3-input NAND Gate;; Package: SOT108-1 (SO14), SOT27-1 (DIP14), SOT337-1 (SSOP14), SOT402-1 (TSSOP14)

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74LVC2G17GV : Dual Non-inverting Schmitt-trigger With 5 V Tolerant Input

BF1101NDP : Small signal BF1101; BF1101R; BF1101WR; N-channel Dual-gate MOS-FETs;; Package: SOT143B

BLV958 : Power BLV958; BLV958FL; UHF Power Transistors

BZD23-C47AMO : BZD23 Series; Voltage Regulator Diodes

BZX79-B7V5AMO : BZA800A-series; Quadruple Esd Transient Voltage Suppressor

LFE15600X : Microwave LFE15600X; NPN Microwave Power Transistor

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N74F723-1N : Quad 2-to-1 Data Selector Multiplexer 3-state

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P80CE559EBB : Single-chip 8-bit Microcontroller

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AD644 : Dual. Dual High Speed, Implanted BiFET op Amp. Matched Offset Voltage Matched Offset Voltage Over Temperature Matched Bias Currents Crosstalk at 1 kHz Low Bias Current: 35 pA max Warmed Up Low Offset Voltage: 500 V max Low Input Voltage Noise: 2 V p-p High Slew Rate: 13 V/s Low Quiescent Current: 4.5 mA max Fast Settling 3 s Low Total Harmonic Distortion: at 1 kHz Standard Dual Amplifier Pinout.

AD8001 : 800 Mhz, 50 MW Current Feedback Amplifier. Excellent Video s (RL = +2) Gain Flatness to 100 MHz 0.01% Differential Gain Error 0.025 Differential Phase Error Low Power 5.5 mA Max Power Supply Current (55 mW) High Speed and Fast Settling 880 MHz, ­3 dB Bandwidth +1) 440 MHz, ­3 dB Bandwidth V/ s Slew Rate 10 ns Settling Time to 0.1% Low Distortion ­65 dBc THD, MHz 33 dBm 3rd Order Intercept, = 10 MHz ­66 dB SFDR,.

ADC0852CCN : Multiplexed Comparator With 8-bit Reference Divider. The ADC0852 and ADC0854 are CMOS devices that combine a versatile analog input multiplexer voltage comparator and an 8-bit DAC which provides the comparator's threshold voltage (VTH) The comparator provides a ``1-bit'' output as a result of a comparison between the analog input and the DAC's output This allows for easy implementation of set-point on-off.

BQ2000 : Power. Programmable Multi-chemistry Fast-charge Management ic. Safe management of fast charge for NiCd, NiMH, or LiIon battery packs High-frequency switching controller for efficient and simple charger design Pre-charge qualification for detecting shorted, damaged, or overheated cells Fast-charge termination by peak voltage (PVD), minimum current (Li-Ion), maximum temperature, and maximum charge time Selectable.

ISL4260E : QFN Packaged, 15kV Esd Protected, +3V to +5.5V, 150nA, 250kbps, RS-232 Transmitters/receivers With Separate Logic Supply.


LM13700A : Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier With Linearizing Diodes And Buffers (discontinued).

M5239L : Single Comparator.

MRFA2600 : RF Power Amplifier. The is a solid state class A amplifier and is specifically designed for TV transposers and transmitters. This amplifier incorporates microstrip technology and reliable Motorola push­pull transistors. Output Power: 25 Watts Min 1 dB Comp. (CW) Gain: 10.5 dB Min (Small Signal) Suitable for 28 Volts Application 50 Input and Output Impedance Rating Supply.

MXL1001 : Precision Operational Amplifier. The MXL1001 offers significant improvement over earlier precision operational amplifiers and is pincompatible with the industry-standard LT1001. Particular attention has been paid to the optimization of key parameters such as input offset voltage, common-mode rejection, and power-supply rejection. In addition, the high-performance MXL1001C commercial.

PA94 : High Voltage Power Operational Amplifier. HIGH VOLTAGE 900V (±450V) HIGH SLEW RATE 500V/µS HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT 100mA PROGRAMMABLE CURRENT LIMIT APPLICATIONS HIGH VOLTAGE INSTRUMENTATION PROGRAMMABLE POWER SUPPLIES TO ±430V MASS SPECTROMETERS SEMICONDUCTOR MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT The is a high voltage, MOSFET operational amplifier designed as a low cost solution for driving continuous output currents.

PLL1706DBQ : ti PLL1706, 3.3 V Dual PLL Multi-clock Generator. D 27-MHz Master Clock Input D Generated Audio System Clock: APPLICATIONS D DVD Players D DVD Add-On Cards for Multimedia PCs D Digital HDTV Systems D Set-Top Boxes The PLL1705 and PLL1706 are low cost, phase-locked loop (PLL) multiclock generators. The PLL1705 and PLL1706 can generate four system clocks from a 27-MHz reference input frequency. The clock.

SA620 : SA620; Low Voltage Lna, Mixer And Vco 1GHz. The is a combined RF amplifier, VCO with tracking bandpass filter and mixer designed for high-performance low-power communication systems from 800-1200MHz. The low-noise preamplifier has a 1.6dB noise figure at 900MHz with 11.5dB gain and an IP3 intercept -3dBm at the input. The gain is stabilized by on-chip compensation to vary less than ±0.2dB over.

SSM2412 : SPST. Dual Analog Switch Designed Specifically For High Performance Audio Applications.

TEA6821T : TEA6821T; Ice Car Radio. Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 September 1993 General FM mixer for conversion from = 72.2 MHz = 10.7 MHz AM mixer for conversion from = 10.7 MHz = 450 kHz FM IF gain stage Crystal oscillator providing mixer frequencies and references for IF count and stereo decoder FM quadrature demodulator with automatic centre frequency adjust and THD compensation.

THS4001CD : ti THS4001, 270-MHz Voltage-feedback Amplifier. Very High Speed ­ 270 MHz Bandwidth (Gain dB) ­ 400 V/µsec Slew Rate ­ 40-ns Settling Time (0.1%) High Output Drive, 100 mA Excellent Video Performance ­ 60 MHz Bandwidth (0.1 dB, G Differential Gain ­ 0.15° Differential Phase Very Low Distortion ­ THD = ­72 dBc = 1 MHz Wide Range of Power Supplies VCC 15 V, ICC 7.5 mA Evaluation Module Available The is a very.

TPA005D02DCA : ti TPA005D02, 2 W Stereo Class-d Audio Amplifier. Choose TPA2000D2 For Upgrade Extremely Efficient Class-D Stereo Operation Drives L and R Channels 2-W BTL Output into 4 5-W Peak Music Power Fully Specified for 5-V Operation Low Quiescent Current Shutdown Control Thermally-Enhanced PowerPADTM SurfaceMount Packaging Thermal and Under-Voltage Protection The is a monolithic power IC stereo audio amplifier.

UCC39412 : Power. Low Power Synchronous Boost Converter. Ensured Under Full Load on Main Output, and Operation Down V 200-mW Output Power at Battery Voltages as Low 0.8 V Secondary 7-V Supply from a Single Inductor Output Fully Disconnected in Shutdown Adaptive Current Mode Control for Optimum Efficiency High Efficiency Over Wide Operating Range 6-µA Shutdown Supply Current Output Reset Function with Programmable.

ISL28148 : 4.5MHz, Single Precision Rail-to-Rail Input-Output (RRIO) Op Amps with Very Low Input Bias Current he ISL28148 and ISL28248 are 4.5MHz low-power single, and dual operational amplifiers. The parts are optimized for single supply operation from 2.4V to 5.5V, allowing operation from one lithium cell or two Ni-Cd batteries..

NLAS6233 : Dual SPDT 0.5 Ohm Popless Analog Switch The NLAS6233 is a DPDT switch featuring Popless noise suppression circuitry designed to prevent pass through of undesirable transient signals known as pops. Intended for audio systems within portable applications, it provides protection against audible pops that are generated when switching between two different.

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