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DescriptionLow Voltage, Low Current Consumption
Stereo Headphone Amplifier IC With Built-in Electronic Volume
The SM6453AB assembles the input signal switching, volume adjustment, bass boost function and headphone amplifier in one-chip, and enables to make the sound output circuit simplified. This IC controls the volume and each mode setting with 3-wire serial data. The SM6453AB features the Pop-noise control circuit that reduces the pop-noise caused by throwing the power supply or releasing the mute function.

The SM6453AB realizes the long-lived battery and miniaturization which are important to all the portable electronic equipments, by low voltage(1.8V min.), low current consumption(2.3mA at 2.4V supply voltage) and employing ultra-small 32-pin QFN package.
CompanyNippon_Precision_Circuits America
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Features, Applications
3-wire Serial Data Volume Control for Headphone Amplifier IC

The is a stereo headphone amplifier IC with built-in electronic volume controlled by 3-wire serial data. Two switchable input systems are supported. It features bass boost function, automatic gain control (AGC) function, power-down function, and beep sound input/output function, making it ideal for use in portable electronic products.


2 stereo system inputs, selectable 1 output system Headphone amplifier function to -68dB output voltage gain range (GCNT) +12dB headphone amplifier gain (GHPA) Attenuation function 1.0dB step width, 81 steps, to 80dB range (GEVR) Mute function Bass boost function (2 boost characteristics controlled by external RC network) Auto gain control function (AGC) Beep sound input/output circuit 26mW+26mW maximum output power (1kHz, THD 10%, 16 load, 2.0V supply voltage) Power-down function to 3.6V operating supply voltage range Low current consumption (2.3mA total, 2.4V supply voltage) Silicon-gate CMOS process 32-pin QFN package

Number Name MLEN MCK MDT RSTN MUTEN PDN BEEPI RIN1 RIN2 VBIAS BEEPRO ROUT AVDD2 AVSS2 LOUT BEEPLO BSTO BSTN BSTC AGCTC LRMXO DVSS I/O1 Ip Description Microcontroller latch enable input Microcontroller clock input Microcontroller data input System reset (LOW-level reset) Mute input (LOW-level mute) Power-down mode select (LOW-level power-down) Beep signal input Reference voltage 1 Reference voltage 2 EVR-stage analog VDD Left-channel analog input 1 Left-channel analog input 2 EVR-stage analog VSS Right-channel analog input 1 Right-channel analog input 2 EVR-stage bias voltage Right-channel beep signal output Right-channel output Headphone amplifier right-channel analog VSS Headphone amplifier right-channel analog VDD Headphone amplifier left-channel analog VDD Headphone amplifier left-channel analog VSS Left-channel output Left-channel beep signal output Bass boost auxiliary output Bass boost auxiliary input Bass boost capacitor connection AGC time constant set capacitor connection Left and right-channel mixer detector output Digital VSS Digital VDD2 Digital VDD1 VDD2 VDD

Ip = input with pull-up resistance VDD1, VDD2, VSS definitions = DVDD1 VSS = DVSS = AVSS3


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