Details, datasheet, quote on part number: NJU9214FG1
CategoryData Conversion => ADC (Analog to Digital Converters)
Description4·3/4 Digit Single Chip Digital Multimeter Lsi
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

The a 43/4 digits single chip digital multimeter LSI with 42 segments bargraph display. The NJU9214 realizes high precision of 40,000 counts measurement by the NJRC original dual-slope to D converter and realizes also quick response bargragh display and auto-ranging by another high speed dual-slope to D converter. The input attenuator part is simplified because the resistor for resistance measurement is applied for voltage bleeder resistor. Furthermore, the NJU9214 realizes root-mean-square measurement for AC voltage and current by connecting a External RMS-DC Converter, and Data output by the on chip RS-232C interface circuit. The NJU9214 is suitable for high precision and high performance multimeter.

43/4 Digit Display ( Available for to 39,999 Display ) 42 Segments Quick Response Bargraph Display NJRC Original Dual-Slope to D Converter 40,000Counts ) High Speed Dual-Slope to D Converter 400Counts ) Quick Response Auto-Ranging 20times/sec ) Frequency / Capacitance / Tachometer / Adapter Measurement Root-Mean-Square Measurement by connecting a External RMS-DC Converter External Relay Driving Data Memory / Data Hold / Relative Display / MAX, MIN Display Power-on Initializing Auto Power-off Buttery Life Detector Rotary / Push SW Mode Selection 1/4 Duty LCD Display Driver Piezo Buzzer Direct Driving RS-232C Interface External Reference Input required Low Operating Current C-MOS Technology Package Outline QFP100-G1

DCV, ACV, , ,CAP, DCmA, ACmA, FRQ, rpm

FUNCTION Attenuator output terminal ( used at ACA, ACmA, FRQ, rpm ) Analog VDD ( VDDA 0.25V ) RMS-Voltage Input Terminal Digital VDD ( VDDD 0.25V ) Relay Driving Terminal RS232C Output-Rate Select Terminal 2400bps RS232C Function Select Terminal Key Mode Select Terminal Range Control Mode Select Terminal Range Select Terminal with Input Pull-up Resistance 300k ) Function Select Terminal with Input Pull-up Resistance 300k ) Optional Function Control Terminal with Input Pull-up Resistance 300k )


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