Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SN74LS196N
Description4-stage Presettable Ripple Counter
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
Cross ref.Similar parts: SN54LS90, SN74LS90
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Motorola Semiconductor Products
SN74LS197D 4-stage Presettable Ripple Counter
SN74LS22D Dual 4-input NAND Gate
SN74LS242DW Quad Bus Transceiver
SN74LS248DW Bcd-to-seven-segment Decoders/drivers
SN74LS251DW 8-input Multiplexer With 3-state Outputs
SN74LS256D Dual 4-bit Addressable Latch
SN74LS257D Quad 2-input Multiplexer With 3-state Outputs
SN74LS279D Quad Set-reset Latch
SN74LS322ADW 8-bit Shift Register With Sign Extend
SN74LS322DW 8-bit Shift Registers With Sign Extend
SN74LS323DW 8-bit Shift Register With 3-state Outputs
SN74LS348D 8-input Priority Encoder With 3-state Outputs
SN74LS352D Dual 4-input Multiplexer
SN74LS353D Dual 4-input Multiplexer With 3-state Outputs

1SMB5939BT3 : 3 Watt Plastic Surface Mount Silicon Zener Diode

68HC908LD64 : Microcontroller

MC74F373DW : Octal Transparent Latch With 3-state Outputs

MC74HC4016A :

SN54LS290 : Decade Counter; 4-bit Binary Counter

MCP1725-3002E/SN : 500 mA, Low Voltage, Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulator The MCP1725 is a 500 mA, ceramic output cap stable, low output voltage Low Dropout Regulator (LDO) with shutdown and user-programmable delay power good functions.

MC9S08SG8CXXE : 8-bit Hcs08 Central Processor Unit (cpu)

MMBR941_99 : NPN Silicon Low Noise, High-frequency Transistors

MCR3935-4 : Silicon Controlled Rectifier Reverse Blocking Triode Thyristor

MMA20312BT1 : Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Technology (InGaP HBT) The MMA20312B is a 2--stage high efficiency, Class AB InGaP HBT amplifier designed for use as a linear driver amplifier in wireless base station applications as well as an output stage in femto cell or repeater applications. It is suitable

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