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CategoryTiming Circuits => Clock Distribution => General Purpose/
TitleGeneral Purpose/
DescriptionLow Voltage Differential Pecl-hstl PLL Clock Driver
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products


Some Part number from the same manufacture Motorola Semiconductor Products
MPC9992 3.3V Differential Ecl/pecl PLL Clock Generatorzer
MPC9992FA Documentation
MPC9993 Intelligent Dynamic Clock Switch
MPC9993FA Documentation
MPC9994 HSTL Low Voltage Differential Clock
MPC99J93 Intelligent Dynamic Clock Switch
MPF102 JFET VHF Amplifier
MPF4392 JFET Switching
MPF820 JFET RF Amplifier
MPF930 Tmos Switching
MPIC2111 Half-bridge Driver
MPIC2112 High And Low Side Driver
MPIC2117 Single Channel Driver
MPIC2130 3-phase Bridge Driver

1N4753A : Zener Diode, 500 MW, Zener Voltage 36V

BC184 : NPN Silicon Aplifier Transistor

MC10H643FN : Dual Supply Ecl/ttl 1:8 Clock Driver

MCM62X308 :

MSB1218ART1 : PNP General Purpose Amplifier Transistors Surface Mount

MUR3060PT : Switchmode Power Rectifier

MC3S12C128 : 16-bit Microcontroller

MPC563CZP56 : RISC MCU Including Peripheral Pin Multiplexing with Flash and Code Compression Options

MCF5214 : Codewarrior Development Studio for Coldfire¢ç Architectures

MC9S08GT32CMC : Microcontrollers

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