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Choke coil for various kinds of electronic equipment such as DC-DC converter, switching power supply, power supply circuits for TV and VCR and such., and other various kinds of electronic equipment.


1. Compact choke coils selectable from 6mm in height. 2. A medium or large current can be flown according to the specifications. 3. Closed magnetic circuit (with a ring core) L type and open magnetic circuit (a drum core only) D type are selectable. 4. These choke coils can be mounted automatically by reflow soldering with taping. 5. Owing to multiple terminals (7 terminals), a transformer containing many circuits can be designed.


Models C8-R6L H. length (Unit : mm) 4 max. 5 max. 6 max. 4 max. 5 max. 6 max. Inductance 0.01~18mH 0.01~60mH Operational Frequency 10~300kHZ Pcs/Reel

* The rated current is the current value reached when the inductance value has decreased by 10% from the intial in the DC superimposed characteristic.


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