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Description3.3v Single Chip Fast Ethernet Nic Controller
CompanyMacronix America, Inc.
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Ethernet Interface A single chip solution integrates 100/10 Base-T fast Ethernet MAC, PHY and PMD Fully comply to IEEE 802.3u specification Operates over 100 meters of STP and cat 5 UTP cable Support full and half duplex operations in both 100 Base-TX and 10 Base-T mode Supports IEEE802.3x Frame Based Flow Control scheme in full duplex mode. Supports transmission and reception of IEEE802.1Q tagged frames. Supports QoS with prioritized traffic. Supports network and communication device class OnNow requirements for Microsoft's PC99 specifications, including 3 wake up events : - Link Change (link-on) - Wake Up Frames - Magic Packet 100/10 Base-T NWAY auto-negotiation function Support to 5 LEDs for various network activities Supports early interrupt on both transmit and receive operations. Support a variety of flexible address filtering modes with 16 CAM address and 64 bits hash table Home PNA interface Support 7-wire general purpose serial interface to link with 1M8 PHY for home networking

( Magic Packet Technology is a trademark of Advanced Micro Device Corp. )

PCI/MiniPCI interface Fully comply to PCI spec. 2.2 and Mini PCI spec. to 33MHz Fully comply to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Rev 1.1 Fully comply to PCI Bus Power Management Interface spec. Rev 1.1 Bus master architecture with linked host buffers delivers the most optimized performance 32-bit bus master DMA channel provides ultra low CPU utilization suitable for server and windows applications. Proprietary Adaptive Network Throughput Control (ANTC) technology to optimize data integrity and throughput Other features Large on-chip FIFOs for both transmit and receive operations without external local memory Support to 128K bytes boot ROM/Flash interface MicroWire interface to EEPROM for customer's IDs and configuration data Single 3.3V power supply, CMOS technology, 128-pin PQFP package

The MX98L715BEC controller an IEEE802.3u compliant single chip 32-bit full duplex, 10/100Mbps highly integrated Fast Ethernet combo solution, designed to address high performance local area networking (LAN) system application requirements. MX98L715BEC's PCI bus master architecture delivers the optimized performance for future high speed and powerful processor technologies. In other words, the MX98L715BEC not only keeps CPU utilization low while maximizing data throughput, but it also optimizes the PCI bandwidth providing the highest PCI bandwidth utilization. To further reduce maintenance costs the MX98L715BEC uses drivers that are backward compatible with the original MXIC MX98715 series controllers. The MX98L715BEC contains a PCI local bus glueless interface, a Direct Memory Access (DMA) buffer management unit, an IEEE802.3u-compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), large Transmit and Receive FIFOs, and an on-chip 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX transceiver simplifying system design and improving high speed signal quality. Full-duplex operation are supported in both 10 Base-T and 100 Base-TX modes that increases the controller's operating bandwidth to 200Mbps. Equipped with intelligent IEEE802.3u-compliant auto-negotiation, the MX98L715BEC-based adapter allows a single RJ-45 connector to link with the other IEEE802.3ucompliant device without re-configuration.

MX98L715BEC, an innovative and proprietary design "Adaptive Network Throughput Control" (ANTC) is builtin to configure itself automatically by MXIC's driver based on the PCI burst throughput of different PCs. With this proprietary design, MX98L715BEC can always optimize its operating bandwidth, network data integrity and throughput for different PCs. The MX98L715BEC features Remote-Power-On and Remote-Wake-Up capability and is compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface version 1.0 (ACPI). This support enables a wide range of wake-up capabilities, including the ability to customize the content of specified packet which PC should respond to, even when in a low-power state. PCs and workstations could take advantage of these capabilities of being waked up and served simultaneous over the network by remote server or workstation. It helps organizations reduce their maintenance cost of PC network. The 32-bit multiplexed bus interface unit of MX98L715BEC provides a direct interface to a PCI local bus, simplifying the design of an Ethernet adapter a PC system. With its on-chip support for both little and big ending byte alignment, MX98L715BEC can also address non-PC applications.




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