Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MX93132
DescriptionDigital Answering Machine Controller
DAM+SPK+CID+FLASH interface Single-chip
CompanyMacronix America, Inc.
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MX29F200CB 2m-bit [256kx8/128kx16] CMOS Flash Memory
23L8000-12 8m-bit MASK ROM (8 BIT Output)
MX29GL128E 64m-bit Single Voltage 3V ONLY Uniform Sector Flash Memory

MX23C1611PC-10 : 16M, 2Mx8/1Mx16

MX23C8000QC-20 : 8M, 1Mx8

MX23L12822YC-12 : 128m-bit ( 8m X 16 / 4m X 32 ) Mask ROM With Page Mode

MX27C2000TI-12 :

MX27C256TI-15 :

MX27L1000QI-90 :

MX29F002NBQI-90 : Boot Sector Flash Memory

MX29F022NBPC-55 : Boot Sector Flash Memory

MX29LV640UTC-12 : Uniform Sector Flash Memory

MX29F200C T/B : Industry-Standard Flash [MX29 series] Macronix industry-standard Flash memories offer an extensive line of 3V products from 4Mb to 64Mb, and 5V products from 1Mb to 16Mb densities. Our products feature Boot and Uniform Sector architectures in x8, x16 and x8/x16 selectable configurations. Macronix's

MX69F1602C3T : 16m-bit [x16] Flash AND 2m-bit/4m-bit [x16] SRAM Mixed Multi CHIP Package Memory

MX25L3225D : 32m-bit [x 1/x 2/x 4] CMOS Serial Flash

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