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TitleCamera controllers
Description16Mp Hi-end DSC Controller
CompanyMacronix America, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The is a general purpose LSI for Digital Still Camera application. It implements all necessary functions in hardware, but also allows maximum flexibility for customization. It provides a variety of choices for internal processing and peripheral configurations. Customer can always make the combination to fit their own application.

- Real Time Monitoring Function - RGB bayer, RGB stripe, Complementary color filter array CCD supported - Real-time Processing Unit (High-speed and programmable Image Processing) - H/W JPEG Decode / Encode unit - Compact Flash / Smart Media / SD Card / Memory Stick supported - Displaytech's QVGA module supported - Built in USB controller (Device Function)

1999 Oct. 15 Audio Codec from MIC to Speaker from CCD(A/D) SPU Real-Time Processing Unit DMA Controller DSC2_06S External DMA Control Peripherals( 2 ) Max 32MB

NTSC/PAL 54MHz 13.5MHz Composite Y of S-Sig C of S-Sig R/Y of Comp. G/Cb B/Cr Display Tech EVF
to S Conv. IDU Aspect Digital Encorder Conv. Coprocessor(CP2) ReArrangement-Regs
This LSI is mostly suitable for Digital Still Camera, Scanners, Printers, Fax etc.

Items Process Power Supply Package CPU Coprocessor Cache(I/D) Ext. Flash(ROM) Ext. DRAM Ext. Peripheral CCD Support CCD Size CCD Defect Correction Internal TG CCD Pre-Process Interpolation Edge Enhance LUT Linear Matrix A/D Monitor Speed Processing Speed JPEG VideoEncoder OSD Func. Media I/F Display UART IrDA1.1 USB IEEE1394 Audio Standby func. RTC OS Content 0.25um I/O:3.3V/2.5V, Logic: 2.5V (2 power supply) 304pin CSP, 0.8 mm pitch, 19mm square Lexra LX4180 (MIPS ISA-I) Max 90MHz (Variable speed) Picture Rotation, Format transform Instruction 2Kbyte / Data 2Kbyte Bus width to 2 external devices. Bus width (x8, x16) RGB Bayer, RGB Stripe/Complimentary Progressive / Interlace Max 4000 pixel 4000pixel 16 internal Regs, Non-limited by DMA Programmable, V4096 12bit input, Black Level, White Balance Filter size 5x5 Filter size 5(V)x5(H) (1 path to H2048, Extendable) to 8 bit LUT to 8 bit LUT 4x4 Color Linear Matrix before Gamma LUT External or 10bit CCD readout rate 0.16Sec/3M pixel (Excluding read out and card write, without monitoring) Hardware 36MByte/Sec NTSC/PAL 4bit / Pixel (16 Colors display, blended display function) Compact Flash / Smart Media / SD Card / Memory Stick supported TV, LCD, Displaytech's QVGA module supported 2ch Max., Upto 230 Kbps By external controller with DMA Built in USB (only device function) By external controller with DMA By external Audio Codec dedicated I/F 3-Modes - Active, Sleep, RTC only. Built in RTC micro ITRON and Nucleus+

MX8870 (DSC-2) supports max x 4000 pixel, and RGB bayer, RGB stripe, Complementary color filter array, and Progressive or Interlace type CCD. - Support both 16-bit and 32-bit SDRAM bus. Only one x 16 SDRAM required for progressive sensors. - Embedded 3 PLL Only one external crystal required for TV, USB, and CPU.

Monitor mode Monitoring speed is same as CCD readout rate. Monitor image processing (interpolation, Edge Enhancement, Color space conversion, Resolution translate) is done by H/W. (If CCD read rate is 30-fps, monitoring speed is 30fps). Capturing mode Processing speed is just 0.16-Sec for 3M CCD, excluding read out time and card writing time. This operation speed includes JPEG encode and interpolation, Edge Enhancement, Color Space Conversing, Re-sizing. Display mode Display speed is only 0.2-Sec for 3M pixel image excluding card reading time. This operation speed includes JPEG decode and Color space conversion, Recision.

RPU has following functions. - Monitoring operation is same as CCD readout rate. - Real Time capturers operation : For progressive CCD, all processing including JPEG encode is completed at just after the end of CCD readout. - Post processing operation : After capturing the full-frame raw data, RPU can process the Interpolation, Edge Enhancement, Color Space Conversion, Re-sizing, etc. much faster than CPU operations. This operation can extend the filter size for Edge Enhancement. And also many kinds of adaptive and nonlinear processing is avaliable with RPU in very shot time. - Improvement of the Signal to Noise ratio : There is a special circuit for improvement of Signal to Noise ratio at the multiple frames image capturing.


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MX23C1610MC-12 : 16M, 2Mx8/1Mx16

MX29F022NBTC-90 : Boot Sector Flash Memory

MX29LV320ATTC-90G : Boot Sector Flash Memory

MX29LV320ATTI-90 : Boot Sector Flash Memory

MX97102UC : Isdn S/t Controller

MX29GL320MBTI-10G : 64m-bit Single Voltage 3V ONLY Uniform Sector Flash Memory

MX29LV040CTI-70G : 8m-bit [1M x 8] CMOS Single Voltage 3V ONLY Equal Sector Flash Memory

MX29LV800CBXBC-55R : 8m-bit [1mx8/512k x16] CMOS Single Voltage 3V ONLY Flash Memory

MX29LV800CTXHI-70G : 8m-bit [1mx8/512k x16] CMOS Single Voltage 3V ONLY Flash Memory

MX25L4006EZNI-12G : Memory Integrated Circuit (ics) FLASH - Nor Tray 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V; IC FLASH SER 3V 4MB 86MHZ 8WSON Specifications: Memory Type: FLASH - Nor ; Memory Size: 4M (4M x 1, 2M x 2) ; Speed: 86MHz ; Interface: SPI Serial ; Package / Case: 8-WDFN Exposed Pad ; Packaging: Tray ; Voltage - Supply: 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V ; Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C ; Format - Memory: FLASH ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; R

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BA7149F : . The is an electronic viewfinder driver for video cameras. It separates the synchronous signal from the input video signal, and outputs the vertical deflection drive output and horizontal deflection signals. HD and VD output signals with guaranteed phase difference are also provided for on-screen displays (OSD). The differences between the BA7149F and the BA7148F.

GT4124 : Multiplier/Mixer. Video Multiplier With Strobed DC Restore. broadcast quality video multiplier with a very accurate back porch clamp, (less than 2mV DC offset) 30 MHz at -1.0dB video and control channel bandwidth one external frequency compensation adjustment ultra low differential gain and differential phase, (typically 0.01% and 0.01 deg.) adjustable DC offset and span on the control input adjustable clamp.

HI1276-EV : 8-bit, 500 Msps, Flash A/D Converter. The an 8-bit, ultra-high-speed, flash Analog-toDigital converter IC capable of digitizing analog signals at a maximum rate of 500 MSPS. The digital I/O levels of this A/D converter are compatible with ECL 100K/10KH/10K. The HI1276 is available in the Industrial temperature range and is supplied a 68 lead ceramic LCC package. Differential Linearity Error.

MAX5018 : 8-bit, High-speed DAC. The is a monolithic, 8-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) capable of accepting video data or 275Msps. Complete with video controls (sync, blank, reference white (force high), and bright), the MAX5018 directly drives doubly terminated or 75 loads to standard composite video levels. Standard setup level is 7.5IRE. The MAX5018 is pin compatible with.

MAX5250 : ATE. Low-Power, Quad, 10-Bit Voltage-output DAC With Serial Interface.

MX88L60 : Camera controllers. Dual Mode Svga DSC Controller. Power - 3.3V with power saving control Image Sensor Interface to 10-bit resolution for digital image raw data input - Support imager with resolution up to SVGA (800x592)with windowing mode or random-access control - Support universal serial interface for various CCD and CMOS sensors * CCD sensor: Sony , Sharp , and Panasonic * CMOS sensor: Hyundai,.

NJW1504 : PLL Synthesizer With I2C Bus For TV Tuner. n The NJW1504/1508 are a PLL frequency synthesizer especially designed for TV and VCR tuning systems and consists of PLL circuit and a prescaler which operates to 1.0GHz, built into one chip. The NJW1504/1508 are controlled through I2C-bus. n Operating Voltage 5V Low Operating Current : 15mA typ. @Vcc=5V Prescaler accepts frequencies 1GHz on chip Reference.

SM5872A : with Built-in Digital Filters. High Efficiency DBL Speed Support (A Version).

TA1243CF : RF Modulator For VCR.

tk15467s : 3.3v 75 Ohm Line Driver With Clamp. 3.3V Operation 75 Video Line Driver IC with Clamp TK15467S The a 75 video line driver IC, which operates from 2.7V. Its voltage gain is 12dB and includes clamp circuit. It can output at VCC=3.3V. Therefore, it is useful for less power dissipation. Built-in stand-by circuit can reduce supply current at stand-by mode. Low Voltage Operation: VOP=2.7~10.0V.

TOLD9421S : Control/Management. Short Wavelength Index Guided Type MQW Ingaaip VLD.

ADMP401 : IMEMS® Microphone Omni Directional Microphone With Bottom Port And Analog Output The ADMP401 is a high quality, low cost, low power, analog output bottom ported omni-directional MEMS microphone. The ADMP401 has a high SNR of 62dBA, and a very high sensitivity at -37dBV. The high SNR and sensitivity make the ADMP401 excellent for near field and far field.

TDA8920C : 2 X 110 W Class-D Power Amplifier The TDA8920C is a high-efficiency class-D audio power amplifier. The typical output power is 2 x 110 W with a speaker load impedance of 4 Ohm. The TDA8920C is available in both HSOP24 and DBS23P power packages. The amplifier operates over a wide supply voltage range from +-12.5 V to +-32.5 V and has a low quiescent.

ADAU1761 : SigmaDSP® Stereo, Low Power, 96 KHz, 24-Bit Audio Codec With Integrated PLL The ADAU1761 is a low power, stereo audio codec with integrated digital audio processing that supports stereo 48 kHz record and playback at 10 mW from a 1.8 V analog supply. The stereo audio ADCs and DACs support sample rates from 8 kHz to 96 kHz as well as a digital volume.

MAX98356 : PDM Input Class D Audio Power Amplifier The MAX98356 is a digital pulse-density modulated (PDM) input Class D power amplifier that provides Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency. This IC offers five selectable gain settings (3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB, and 15dB) set by a single gain-select input (GAIN). The MAX98356 takes a stereo pulse density.

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