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DVxpertTM 6110 Single-Chip Encoder

MPEG Encoding for Professional Video Broadcast and Video Contribution/Distribution


M P E G - 2 is the compression format that earns wide acceptance in the digital v i d e o broadcast environment. This is due to its interframe encoding capability, which e n a b l e s high compression, significantly reducing bandwidth for transmission and storage in the broadcast space. MPEG-2 Main Level @ Main Profile (ML@MP) encodi n g has been the key enabling technology for such important applications as direct d i r e c t broadcast satellite (DBS), digital terrestrial broadcast, digital cable television, w i r e l e s s video broadcast, and satellite news gathering.


I n video production and post-production environments, MPEG-2 Main Level @ 4 : 2 : 2 Profile (ML@4:2:2P) is designed to address the insufficient color information of MPEG-2 ML@MP video format because of its 4:2:0 sampling scheme (full sample of the luminance with half of the chrominance information, tossing out the color coordinate o n one axis of the color grid). The 4:2:2 Profile increases the chrominance sample to 4 : 2 : 2 , thereby accounting for both axes on the color grid by sampling every other element, providing better replication of the original signal. In the broadcast environment, 4 : 2 : 0 sampling is sufficient since the video signal is directly transmitted to viewers, t h u s there is no risk of picture degradation due to re-coding. On the other hand, in v i d e o production and post-production environments, the risk of picture degradation is h i g h due to multiple generations of signal. For ad-insertion or editing purposes, the v i d e o will be compressed and transmitted to different locations. Digital content is typically reviewed and edited many times before it gets to the final destination. At each step of the way, the content will be decompressed, altered/edited a n d then recompressed for distribution. In this multi-generational transition environm e n t , the 4:2:2 sampling method can better preserve the video color richness than the 4 : 2 : 0 sampling method.


D1 Standard Video Stream

ECL/TTL Translator

1Mx16 Glueless SDRAM Interface

TTL/ECL Translator

D1 Standard Video Stream

S-Video or Composite Input

NTSC/PAL Decoder Video In Serial Control SUM PIO Video Out PIO

NTSC/PAL Encoder Serial Control 27.5-MHz Oscillator

S-Video or Composite Output


Stereo Audio In Stereo Audio Out


Serial EPROM Host System PCI Bus

DVxpertTM 6110 Single-Chip Professional Encoder Architecture

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