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Features, Applications

168-pin JEDEC Standard, Registered 8 Byte Dual-In-Line SDRAM Module for PC and Server main memory applications One bank 72 and 72 organization, two bank 72 organization Optimized for ECC applications with very low input capacitances Programmed Latencies: Product Speed CL 2

Auto Refresh (CBR) and Self Refresh All inputs and outputs are LVTTL compatible Serial Presence Detect with E2PROM Utilizes SDRAMs in TSOPII-54 packages with registers and PLL. The two bank module uses stacked TSOP54 packages. Card Size: mm/43.18 mm with Gold contact pads (JEDEC MO-161)

Single 0.3 V) power supply Programmable CAS Latency, Burst Length, and Wrap Sequence (Sequential & Interleave) Performance:

This specification follows INTEL's "PC SDRAM Registered DIMM Specification" Rev. 1.2
Clock Frequency (max.) Clock Cycle Time (min.) Clock Access Time (min.)

The HYS 72Vx2x0GR family are industry standard 168-pin 8-byte Dual in-line Memory Modules (DIMMs) which are organized 72 high speed memory arrays designed with Synchronous DRAMs (SDRAMs) for ECC applications. The 72 (256MByte) registered DIMM module is available in two versions or 13 row addresses). All control and address signals are registered on-DIMM and the design incorporates a PLL circuit for the Clock inputs. Use of an on-board register reduces capacitive loading on the input signals but are delayed by one cycle in arriving at the SDRAM devices. Decoupling capacitors are mounted on the PC board. The DIMMs use a serial presence detects scheme implemented via a serial E2PROM using the 2-pin I2C protocol. The first 128 bytes are utilized by the DIMM manufacturer and the second 128 bytes are available to the end user. All Infineon 168-pin DIMMs provide a high performance, flexible 8-byte interface 133.35 mm long footprint.

Ordering Information Type HYS 72V8200GR-8-C HYS 72V8200GR-8-E HYS 72V16200GR-8-C HYS 72V16200GR-8-E HYS 72V16201GR-8-C2 HYS 72V32201GR-8-C2 HYS 72V32200GR-8-C2 HYS 72V64200GR-8-C2 Compliance Code Description SDRAM Technology 64 MBit (x8) 64 MBit (x4) 128 MBit (x8) 128 MBit (x4) 256 MBit (x8) 256 MBit (x4) 256 MBit (x4 stacked)

PC100-222-622R one bank 64 MB Reg. DIMM PC100-222-622R one bank 128 MB Reg. DIMM PC100-222-622R one bank 128 MB Reg. DIMM PC100-222-622R one bank 256 MB Reg. DIMM PC100-222-622R one bank 256 MB Reg. DIMM PC100-222-622R one bank 512 MB Reg. DIMM

Note: All part numbers end with a place code (not shown), designating the die revision. Consult factory for current revision. Example: HYS 64V8200GR-8-C2, indicating Rev. C2 dies are used for SDRAM components.

Pin Definitions and Functions A11, A12 Address Inputs - DQ63 Bank Selects Data Input/Output - DQMB7 Data Mask - CS3 REGE Chip Select Register Enable

Check Bits (x72 organization only) V DD Row Address Strobe Column Address Strobe Read/Write Input Clock Enable

Power 3.3 V) Ground Clock for Presence Detect Serial Data Out No Connection

note : To confirm to this specification, motherboards must pull this pin to high state or no connect.


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