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TitlePhotomultiplier Tubes
CompanyHamamatsu Photonic Systems
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Features, Applications

The is a new family of Hamamatsu ion detector. Thanks to Hamamatsu unique electron trajectory simulation technology, it delivers high gain, fast response and wide dynamic range. A newly developed secondary emitting surface also ensures long operating life and less gain deterioration even after being exposed to air. The R5150-10 also offers stable, reliable operation even at low vacuum levels. The electron optics in the R5150-10 is not affected when used in conjunction with conversion type dynodes, so that high sensitivity is maintained. The optional holder allows easy installation and replacement of the R5150-10 in mass spectrometers. Even with all these features, the price is still reasonable, making the R5150-10 ideal as a replacement detector for CEM (channel electron multiplier).


High gain Wide dynamic range Long life Fast response High price performance Stable operation even after expossed to air


Supply Voltage at a gain 107 ) Dark Counts ( at supply voltage of 2000V) Rise Time ( at supply voltage of 2000V) Operating Vacuum Level Maximum Ratings Bake-out Temperature

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