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The C8000 camera series employs an ultra high sensitive back-thinned CCD sensor made by Hamamatsu. Especially in the UV, DUV and VUV wavelength ranges, the C8000 series offers extremely high sensitivity never before realized by other scientific CCDs.

q Extremely high UV, DUV and VUV sensitivity q Quantum Efficiency of CCD chip
Excimer Laser Wavelength (nm) Quantum Efficiency(%)
Without AR coated sapphire window With AR coated sapphire window
q Beam Diagnostics of Stepper Excimer Lasers: F2(157 nm), ArF (193 nm), KrF (248 nm)

* Without AR-coated sapphire. The spectral response with AR-coated sapphire is decrease by the transmittance.


Model Imaging device Effective number of pixels Cell size Effective area Frame rate Readout noise (r.m.s.) Full well capacity Dynamic range* Cooling method Cooling temperature Dark current Exposure time A/D converter (optional SCSI output) Output signal External control Lens mount Other functions Power consumption Ambient storage/operating temperature Ambient storage/operating humidity

Back-thinned frame transfer CCD 640 (H) × 480 (V) 14 µm (H) 14 µm (V) 8.96 mm(H) × 6.72mm (V) / 2/3 inch format 30 frame/sec to 150 electrons r.m.s. 65,000 electrons (typical value) : 1 Non-cooling 4,000 electrons/pixel/sec (typical value) 1/30 sec 10bit RS-170 and SCSI (optional) RS-232C and SCSI (optional) C-mount Gain / Offset / Real-time back ground subtraction Recu rsive filter / Contrast enhancement +40°C 70% max. (no condensation)

*Calculated from the ratio of the full well capacity and the readout noise.

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