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Features * Fine Mode 50 micron and 2x2 Binning Mode 100micron pixel pith x 3520 pixels at 50micron pitch with seamless construction * High frame rate : 7 frame / sec at 100micron pitch * Direct Deposition CsI 37 240 Applications * Mammography * Non-destructive analysis

The C7930-01 MOS Flat Panel Sensor was designed for acquiring dynamic X-ray images. The C7930-01 consists of array board and control board. The array board is composed of a CsI scintillator directly deposited onto two dimensional active detector matrix made up of photodiode array sensitive to the emitting light of scintillator with FET switch and integrated amplifier circuit. The charge sensitive amplifiers of 4416 channels with horizontal shift resister sense the charge on each of the video line and 176 transfer video signal via A/D converter. The 2x2 binning mode of the C7930-01 allows you faster frame rate of 7 frames / second. The video image data will be transferred to the display through a digital image grabber board , to get a dynamic, high quality X-ray images.

Readout Wave form of video output Pixel pitch interface Charge amplifier array 12 bit digital 50x50 micron, 100x100 micron (2x2 binning) LVDS

Items Frame speed at fine mode Frame speed at 2x2 binning mode Frame speed external D range Resolution (fine mode) Sensitivity at 80kV Number of elements (50 micron) PD Array area Diagonal size Defect lines maximum Symbols Sf(fine) Sf(regular) Sf(ext) Reso Typ. 0.5 to each 28 20 Units Frame / s Frame / s Frame / s Line pairs / mm LSB/mR Pixels mm cm lines

Unless otherwise indicated, a modality system builder has a responsibility to obtain MHW or FDA sanction for their integrated system.


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