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CompanyFujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

High Output Power: 36dBm (typ.) High Linear Gain: 30dB (typ.) Low Input VSWR Small Hermetic Metal-Ceramic Package (VF)


The is a MMIC amplifier designed for PCS/PCN and W-CDMA applications as a driver or output stage in the to 2.3GHz band. The output stage is partially matched for this device.

Item DC Input Voltage DC Input Voltage Input Power Storage Temperature Operating Case Temperature Symbol VDD VGG Pin Tstg Top Rating to +70 Unit V dBm °C

Fujitsu recommends the following conditions for the reliable operation of GaAs modules: 1. The drain operating voltage (VDD) should not exceed 10 volts. 2. The gate operating voltage (VGG) should not exceed -5 volts.

Item Frequency Range Output Power at 1dB G.C.P. Linear Gain Input VSWR DC Input Current DC Input Current CASE STYLE: VF Symbol P1dB GL VSWRi IDD IGG VDD = 10V VGG 35.0 29.0 Test Conditions Min. Limit Typ. Max. Unit GHz dBm A mA


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SN-A200BF : TRANSISTOR OUTPUT SOLID STATE RELAY, 2500 V ISOLATION-MAX Specifications: Mounting: 20 X 5 MM, 17 MM HEIGHT, ROHS COMPLIANT, ULTRA SLIM PACKAGE-5 ; Maximum Switching Current: 0.00 amps ; Isolation Voltage: 2.5 kilovolts ; Operating Temp: -22 to 185 F (243 to 358 K)

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1417K5A : = Netlight 1300 NM Laser Transceiver With Clock And Data Recovery ;; Applications = Sonet SR OC-48, SDH I-16 ;; Bandwidth = 2.488 Gb/s.

2SK161 : Single Gate FETs. Vgdo VGDS (VGDO) (V) = -18 ;; Id (IC)(mA) = 10 ;; PD (mW) = 200 ;; Idss (mA) = 1 to 10 ;; YFS (Typ.) @1kHz (mS) = 9 ;; GRS(GCS)/NF(NFCS)(Typ.) (dB/dB) = 18/2.5 ;; Package = Mini ;; Application = FM RF.

AA031P1-00 : 28 32 GHZ GAAS Mmic Driver Amplifier. Single Bias Supply Operation 19 dB Typical Small Signal Gain 16 dBm Typical P1 dB Output Power at 28 GHz 0.25 µm Ti/Pd/Au Gates 100% On-Wafer RF and DC Testing 100% Visual Inspection MT 2010 Skyworks' three-stage reactively-matched 28­32 GHz GaAs MMIC driver amplifier has typical small signal gain 19 dB with a typical of 16 dBm at 28 GHz. The chip uses.

BX6442 : Frequency (MHz) = 20 - 400 ;; Gain (Typ/Min) (dB) = 14 / 12.5 ;; Noise Figure (Typ/Max) (dB) = 4.5 / 6 ;; P1dB Comp Point (Typ/Min) (dBm) = +22 / +19 ;; 3rd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +37 ;; 2nd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +51 ;; DC Power (Typ) (V/mA) = +15 / +62 ;; Package = Package = Package = 4 Pin TO-8 Package = Surface Mount Package = Flatpack.

DS0813 : . E AT MHz 0.6 dB Insertion Loss at 1 GHz 35 nSec Transition Time Ultra Small TO-5 Package TTL Driver See DS0850 For Driverless Version, Same Package & Pin Outs Low Cost VSWR Impedance Switching Speed Transition (Rise/Fall) Time Switching (Video) Transients Intercept Points 2nd .

HMC443LP4 : active. x4 Active. Output Power: +4 dBm Sub-Harmonic Suppression: >25 dBc SSB Phase Noise: -142 dBc/Hz Single Supply: 16 mm2 Leadless SMT Package SMT GaAs HBT MMIC x4 ACTIVE FREQUENCY MULTIPLIER, - 11.2 GHz OUTPUT Typical Applications Active Multiplier for X Band Applications: Fiber Optic to Pt Radios Military Radar The is an active miniature x4 frequency multiplier.

LA45-1 :  1000 to 4000 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Limiting Amplifier. 4000 TO-8 CASCADABLE LIMITING AMPLIFIER SYMMETRICAL CLIPPING: GOOD EVEN-ORDER SUPPRESSION HIGH OUTPUT LEVEL: +17.0 dBm (TYP.) MEDIUM GAIN: 14.0 dB (TYP.) WIDE BANDWIDTH: 0.8-4.2 GHz (TYP.) Characteristic Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) Output Limiting Level (max.) @ Pin = +17 dBm / IP21.

MAPCGM0001-DIE : Delay Lines.  1.0-1.9GHz 6-bit Phase Shifter Mmic. to 1.9 GHz Operation 6 Bit Phase Shifter 360º Coverage, LSB = 5.6º TTL Control Inputs Self-Aligned MSAG® MESFET Process The a 6-bit Phase Shifter with Parallel TTL Input Control. This product is fully matched to 50 ohms on both the input and output. The part has 360º of phase coverage with LSB of 5.6º. Each device 100% RF tested on wafer to ensure performance.

MHW8202B : MHW8202B 870 Mhz, 20.9 DB Gain, 128-Channel Catv Amplifier Module. Specified for 77­, 110­ and 128­Channel Loading Excellent Distortion Performance Silicon Bipolar Transistor Technology Unconditionally Stable Under All Load Conditions Applications CATV Systems Operating in the to 870 MHz Frequency Range Input Stage Amplifier in Optical Nodes, Line Extenders and Trunk Distribution Amplifiers for CATV Systems Driver.

PM2107 : Dual Supply Power Amps. Richardson Electronics, Ltd. 40W267 Keslinger Road PO Box 393 LaFox, IL 60147-0393 The s of this item are subject to change without notice and Richardson Electronics assumes no liability for the use of the information contained herein. ©2000 Richardson Electronics, Ltd. 5/00 .

RFP-200-100RK : = Resistors ;; Size LXWXH = 0.35 X 0.225 X 0.07" ;; Packaging = Flangeless ;; Frequency MHZ = 0-2000 ;; Power Handling Watts = 200.

TGA2503 : 13 - 17 GHZ 2 Watt, 32db Power Amplifier. 33 dBm Midband Pout 32 dB Nominal Gain 10 dB Typical Return Loss Built-in Directional Power Detector with Reference 0.5µm pHEMT, 3MI Technology Bias Conditions: 7V, 680mA Chip dimensions: x 4 mils) Note: Devices designated as EPU are typically early in their characterization process prior to finalizing all electrical and process s. s are subject to change.

ADL5511 : DC To 6 GHz Envelope And TruPwr RMS Detector The ADL5511 is an RF envelope and TruPwr™ rms detector. The envelope output voltage is presented as a voltage that is proportional to the envelope of the input signal. The rms output voltage is independent of the peak-to-average ratio of the input signal..

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