Details, datasheet, quote on part number: VUDU2.0
DescriptionViterbi Universal Decoding Unit
CompanyAgere Systems
Some Part number from the same manufacture Agere Systems
W1724-TYPE Optical Amplifier Platform, Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (w Series)
W1724CBBAD Optical Amplifier Platform, 1724-type Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (W Series). Po 17.0 Dbm. Connector SC/PC. Heat Sink: No.
W2020 GSM Transceiver
W3000 W3000 PLL Dual-band Frequency Synthesizer
W3011 1 GHZ Quadrature Modulator
W3013 W3013 Indirect Quadrature Modulator With Gain Control
W3015 Modulator With Dual Synthesizers
W3020 GSM Multiband RF Transceiver
W3030 W3030 3 V Dual-mode if Cellular Receiver
W3041 if Receiver With Integrated If2 Bandpass Filters
W7020 Bluetooth Radio Subsystem
W7100 W7100-Type 100 GHZ Thin-film Multiplexers And Demultiplexers
W7100A W7100A-Type 100 GHZ Thin-film Optical Add/drop Modules
W7200 W7200-Type 200 GHZ Thin-film Multiplexers And Demultiplexers
W7400 Bluetooth Baseband Controller
W7500 W7500-Type 50 GHZ Eight-channel Thin-film Filter Multiplexers And Demultiplexers
W7800 W7800-Type 20 NM Thin-Film, Coarse Wavelenth-division Multiplexers And Demultiplexers
WP91652 Dc-ac Inverters
X2821C Dual-output Lithium Niobate Modulator

1241FBDC : Uncooled Laser Transmitter

269-B-260-F1480-C : 269-Type 14xx NM Pump Laser Module With Fiber Grating

A1750A43FFFC10 : Laser Module->Industrial Analog DWDM Laser Module

A1751A58FFFC08 : Laser Module->Industrial Analog DWDM Laser Module

A371-22AD : Laser Module->Consumer Analog Uncooled ISOlated DFB Laser Module

D2526G885 : Wavelength Selected Direct Modulated ISOlated Dab Laser Module

FC250 : Controller Power Modules: 18 VDC to 36 VDC Input; 250 W

OR3C80-5BA352I : Orca Feild-programmable Gate Array. Voltage 5.0 V.

T7229 :

0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z