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4K Serial E2PROM with a Precision Low-VCC Lockout Circuit 3 and 5 Volt Systems

FEATURES Voltage ProtectionTM Precision Low-VCC Write Lockout All Write Operations Inhibited When VCC Falls below VLOCK One 3Volt and Two 5Volt System Versions VLOCK 2.6V+.1V/-.05V VLOCK +.25V/-0.0V VLOCK +.25V/-0.0V 100% Compatible with Industry Standard I2CTM Devices Bi-directional data transfer protocol Standard 100kHz and 400kHz Transfer Rates 16-Byte Page-Write Mode Minimizes total write time per byte 1,000,000 Program/Erase Cycles 100 Year Data Retention Commercial Industrial Temperature Range

OVERVIEW The a 4K-bit serial E2PROM memory integrated with a precision VCC sense circuit. The sense circuit will disable write operations whenever VCC falls below the VLOCK voltage. It is fabricated using SUMMIT's advanced CMOS E2PROM technology and is suitable for both 3 and 5 volt systems. The S24VP04 is internally organized 8. It features the I2C serial interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple two-wire bus.

PIN CONFIGURATIONS Address Inputs A1, A2- Device Address Inputs These inputs are unused by the S24VP04; however, to ensure proper operation they should be left unconnected or tied to ground. The should not be tied high.

ENDURANCE AND DATA RETENTION The S24VP04 is designed for applications requiring 1,000,000 erase/write cycles and unlimited read cycles. It provides 100 years of secure data retention, with or without power applied, after the execution of 1,000,000 erase/write cycles. DEVICE OPERATION

APPLICATIONS The S24VP04 was designed specifically for applications where the integrity of the stored data is paramount. In recent years, as the operating voltage range of serial E2PROMs has widened, most semiconductor manufacturers have arbitrarily eliminated their VCC sense circuits. The S24VP04 will protect your data by guaranteeing write lockout below the selected VCC Lockout voltage. VCC Lockout The S24VP04 has an on-board precision VCC sense circuit. Whenever VCC is below VLOCK, the S24VP04 will disable the internal write circuitry. The VCC lockout circuit will ensure a higher level of data integrity than can be expected from industry standard devices that have either a very loose specification or no VCC lockout specification. During a power-on sequence all writes will be inhibited below the VLOCK level and will continue to be held in a write inhibit state for approximately 200ms after VCC reaches, then stays at or above VLOCK. The 200ms delay provides a buffer space for the microcontroller to complete its power-on initialization routines (reading is OK) while still protecting against inadvertent writes. During a power-down sequence initiation of writes will be inhibited whenever VCC falls below VLOCK. This will guard against the system's microcontroller performing an inadvertent write within the `danger zone'. (see AN001)

PIN NAMES A0, A1,A2 SDA SCL DC GND VCC Address Inputs Serial Data I/O Serial Clock Input Don't Care Ground Supply Voltage

PIN DESCRIPTIONS Serial Clock (SCL) - The SCL input is used to clock data into and out of the device. In the WRITE mode, data must remain stable while SCL is HIGH. In the READ mode, data is clocked out on the falling edge of SCL. Serial Data (SDA) - The SDA pin is a bidirectional pin used to transfer data into and out of the device. Data may change only when SCL is LOW, except START and STOP conditions. is an open-drain output and may be wireORed with any number of open-drain or open-collector outputs.

Master Transmitter/ Receiver Slave Receiver Slave Transmitter/ Receiver
Data must remain stable while clock is HIGH.


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