IC and discrete list, page 5-22

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From X25128S-27 to X25160VI-27

From X25160VM to X25164S8-27

From X25164S8I to X25166S14-18

From X25166S14-2.7 to X25168V14-1.8

From X25168V14-18 to X25320P

From X25320P-2.7 to X25323V14-18

From X25323V14-2.7 to X25325S8

From X25325S8-1.8 to X25326V14I-27

From X25328 to X25329S8I-18

From X25329S8I-2.7 to X25642PM

From X25642PM-2.7 to X25643S8I-27

From X25643V14 to X25645S14I-18

From X25645S14I-2.7 to X25646V14I-1.8

From X25646V14I-18 to X25649S8-27

From X25649S8I to X25F008PI

From X25F008PI-5 to X25F032VE

From X25F032VE-5 to X25F087V

From X25F087V-5 to X2816CP-20

From X2816CP-90 to X28C010EM-25

From X28C010EMB-12 to X28C010KMB-15

From X28C010KMB-20 to X28C010TMB-25

From X28C16 to X28C256FM-25

From X28C256FM-35 to X28C256PMB

From X28C256PMB-20 to X28C512DI-25

From X28C512DI-90 to X28C512FMB-25

From X28C512FMB-90 to X28C512PI-25

From X28C512PI-90 to X28C512TMB-25

From X28C512TMB-90 to X28C64D

From X28C64D-15 to X28C64J-20

From X28C64J-25 to X28C64SI

From X28C64SI-15 to X28HC256E-12

From X28HC256E-15 to X28HC256K-70

From X28HC256K-90 to X28HC256T-70

From X28HC256T-90 to X28HC64EMB-50

From X28HC64EMB-70 to X28HC64KMB-90

From X28HC64P-12 to X28HT010

From X28HT010-20 to X28LC513J-25

From X28LC513JI-15 to X28VC256FMB-45

From X28VC256FMB-55 to X28VC256PMB-70

From X28VC256PMB-90 to X2N4392

From X2N4393 to X34160Z1B1

From X34160Z1B1-S to X357A

From X358A to X3780B1B1

From X3780B1B1-S to X40011V8I-B

From X40011V8I-C to X40021V14-B

From X40021V14-C to X40034V14I-A

From X40034V14I-B to X4005M8I-2.7A

From X4005M8I-4.5A to X40411-A

From X40411S8-A to X40420V14I-A

From X40420V14I-B to X40431V14I-C

From X40434 to X4043S8I4.5A

From X4045 to X40FG

From X40SG to X4283S8I2.7A

From X4283S8I4.5A to X4325S84.5A

From X4325S8I to X4C105

From X4C105 to X5043-4.5A

From X5043M8I to X5083S8

From X5083S8-2.7 to X5163S8-4.5A

From X5163S8I to X5169V14-2.7

From X5169V14-2.7A to X5328S8-2.7A

From X5328S8-4.5A to X5643S14

From X5643S14-2.7 to X60008DIS8-50

From X60250 to X72E5A

From X72E5IN5A to X76F128X

From X76F128X-2.7 to X76F640Y-27

From X76F640YE to X80140

From X80141 to X84129P-1.8

From X84129P-18 to X84161S8-25

From X84161S8I to X84641S8I-2.5

From X84641S8I-25 to X88C64S

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