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From PIC16C77-20E/SS to PIC16C771-20I/SO

From PIC16C771-20I/SS to PIC16C774-04/L

From PIC16C774-04/P to PIC16C923-04

From PIC16C923-04/CL to PIC16C924-08/SP

From PIC16C924-08I/CL to PIC16C926-I/CL

From PIC16C926-I/L to PIC16CE623-20E/SO

From PIC16CE623-20E/SS to PIC16CE624-20/JW

From PIC16CE624-20/P to PIC16CE625-04E/SS

From PIC16CE625-04I to PIC16CR54A-04/P

From PIC16CR54A-04/SO to PIC16CR54C-20

From PIC16CR54C-20/P to PIC16CR57B-20I/SS

From PIC16CR57C to PIC16CR58B-10

From PIC16CR58B-20 to PIC16CR62-10E/SP

From PIC16CR62-10E/SS to PIC16CR620A-04I/SS

From PIC16CR620A-20/JW to PIC16CR63-10E/P

From PIC16CR63-10E/PQ to PIC16CR64-04E/L

From PIC16CR64-04E/P to PIC16CR64-20E/L

From PIC16CR64-20E/P to PIC16CR65-10E/JW

From PIC16CR65-10E/L to PIC16CR72-02I/JW

From PIC16CR72-02I/SO to PIC16CR72T-02E/SP

From PIC16CR72T-02E/SS to PIC16CR83-10

From PIC16CR83-10/P to PIC16CR83AT-20I/SO

From PIC16CR83AT-20I/SS to PIC16CR84A-10/SO

From PIC16CR84A-10/SS to PIC16CXXX

From PIC16F54 to PIC16F627T-20E/SS

From PIC16F627T-20I/P to PIC16F628T-20/SS

From PIC16F628T-20E/P to PIC16F737E/PT

From PIC16F737E/SO to PIC16F747I/PT

From PIC16F747I/SO to PIC16F767TE/PT

From PIC16F767TE/SO to PIC16F777TI/P

From PIC16F777TI/PT to PIC16F83A-04I/SS

From PIC16F83A-10/P to PIC16F83T-20I/SS

From PIC16F84 to PIC16F84AT-04/SS

From PIC16F84AT-04I/P to PIC16F870/SP

From PIC16F870/SS to PIC16F872-I/SS

From PIC16F872/SO to PIC16F873-20

From PIC16F873-20/L to PIC16F873T-10E/SP

From PIC16F873T-10I/L to PIC16F874-10/SO

From PIC16F874-10/SP to PIC16F874T-04I/PQ

From PIC16F874T-04I/PT to PIC16F876-04E/PQ

From PIC16F876-04E/PT to PIC16F876A-/SO

From PIC16F876A-/SP to PIC16F876T-20I/L

From PIC16F876T-20I/P to PIC16F877-20/SO

From PIC16F877-20/SP to PIC16F877T-10I/PT

From PIC16F877T-10I/SO to PIC16HV540-20/SO

From PIC16HV540-20/SS to PIC16LC54AT-04E/SS

From PIC16LC54AT-04I/SO to PIC16LC554T-20E/SO

From PIC16LC554T-20E/SS to PIC16LC558T-20I/JW

From PIC16LC558T-20I/P to PIC16LC620A-20/SO

From PIC16LC620A-20/SS to PIC16LC621A-20/JW

From PIC16LC621A-20/P to PIC16LC622A-20/JW

From PIC16LC622A-20/P to PIC16LC62BT-04E/P

From PIC16LC62BT-04E/SO to PIC16LC71-10/SO

From PIC16LC71-10/SP to PIC16LC710-10E/P

From PIC16LC710-10E/SO to PIC16LC711-10I/JW

From PIC16LC711-10I/P to PIC16LC712T-04E/JW

From PIC16LC712T-04E/P to PIC16LC715-10I/SS

From PIC16LC715-20/JW to PIC16LC716T-04I/JW

From PIC16LC716T-04I/P to PIC16LC72-10I/SO

From PIC16LC72-10I/SP to PIC16LC72AT-04/SP

From PIC16LC72AT-04/SS to PIC16LC72T-04I/SP

From PIC16LC72T-04I/SS to PIC16LC773-04I/SP

From PIC16LC773-04I/SS to PIC16LC774-20I/SS

From PIC16LC923 to PIC16LC924-08I/CL

From PIC16LC924-08I/L to PIC16LC926-I/PT

From PIC16LC926-S/CL to PIC16LCR72-02/SO

From PIC16LCR72-02/SP to PIC16LCR72T-02/SP

From PIC16LCR72T-02/SS to PIC16LCR83-04I/P

From PIC16LCR83-04I/SO to PIC16LCR83AT-20I/P

From PIC16LCR83AT-20I/SO to PIC16LCR84A-10/SS

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