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Part numberManufactureCategory
NTE7141 : NTE7141, Integrated Circuit Dual Bimos Operational AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7142 : NTE7142, Integrated Circuit +5V Powered, Multichannel RS 232 Driver/receiverNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7143 : NTE7143, Integrated Circuit Audio Power Amplifier, 20WNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7144 : NTE7144, Integrated Circuit Bimos Operational AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7145 : NTE7145, Intergrated Circuit 18W BTL X 2 CH Audio Power AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7146 : NTE7146, Integrated Circuit Dual (12W + 12W) Stereo AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7147 : NTE7147, Integrated Circuit Full Bridge Current Driven Vertical Deflection BoosterNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7148 : NTE7148, Integrated Circuit Color TV Single Chip Signal ProcessorNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7149 : NTE7149, Integrated Circuit I2C Bus Control NTSC 1 Chip Color TV icNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE715 : NTE715, Integrated Circuit TV Chroma if AmpNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7150 : NTE7150, Integrated Circuit Video, Chroma, And Sync. Signal Processing CircuitNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7151 : NTE7151, Integrated Circuit I2C Bus Control NTSC 1 Chip Color TV icNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7152 : NTE7152, Integrated Circuit Hybrid Switching Voltage RegulatorNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7153 : NTE7153, Integrated Circuit Vertical Deflection Output CircuitNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7154 : NTE7154, Integrated Circuit Control Circuit For Switch Mode Power SuppliesNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7155 : NTE7155, Integrated Circuit Dual Low Voltage Power AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7156 : NTE7156, Integrated Circuit DC Coupled Vertical Deflection CircuitNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7157 : NTE7157, Integrated Circuit Low Frequency Power AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7158 : NTE7158, Integrated Circuit Deflection Circuit Power Amp For Color TVNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7159 : NTE7159, Integrated Circuit Switch Mode Power Supply ControllerNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE7160 : NTE7160, Integrated Circuit Video SwitchNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE72 : NTE72, Silicon NPN Transistor High Current Amp, Fast SwitchNTE Electronics, Inc.Discrete - Transistors - Bipolar
NTE722 : NTE722, Integrated Circuit FM Stereo Multiplex DecoderNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE723 : NTE723, Integrated Circuit FM Sound SystemNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE724 : NTE724, Integrated Circuit Differential/cascode AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE725 : NTE725, Integrated Circuit Dual Low Noise Preamp/op AmpNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE726 : NTE726, Integrated Circuit Wide Band AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE727 : NTE727, Integrated Circuit Four Independent ac AmplifiersNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE738 : NTE738, Integrated Circuit Color TV Processing CircuitNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE739 : NTE739, Integrated Circuit Dual Doubly Balanced Chroma DemodulatorNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE740A : NTE740A, Integrated Circuit Audio Power Amp, 2WNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE742 : NTE742, Integrated Circuit TV Sound Channel, 2WNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE743 : Integrated Circuit. Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Stereo Decoder.NTE Electronics, Inc.Analog & Mixed-Signal Processing - Amplifiers - Operational Amplifiers
NTE744 : NTE744, Integrated Circuit Rf/if AmpNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE745 : NTE745, Integrated Circuit Audio Amplifier, 500mWNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE746 : Integrated Circuit. TV Video if Amplifier.NTE Electronics, Inc.Logic - Gates
NTE747 : NTE747, Integrated Circuit Low Level Video DetectorNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE748 : NTE748, Integrated Circuit TV Sound CircuitNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE749 : Integrated Circuit. TV Video if Amplifier.NTE Electronics, Inc.Logic
NTE74HC4067 : NTE Electronics, Inc.Communication - Network - Switches
NTE75 : NTE75, Silicon NPN Transistor High Power Amplifier, SwitchNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE77 : NTE77, Silicon NPN Transistor Broadband Catv DriverNTE Electronics, Inc.Discrete - Transistors - Bipolar
NTE778A : NTE778A & NTE778SM, Integrated Circuit Dual Operational AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE78 : NTE78, Silicon NPN Transistor RF Power OutputNTE Electronics, Inc.Discrete - Transistors - Bipolar
NTE783 : NTE783, Integrated Circuit Automatic Fine Tuning DetectorNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE784 : NTE784, Integrated Circuit Wide Band Power AmplifierNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE787 : NTE787, Integrated Circuit am Receiver SubsystemNTE Electronics, Inc.
NTE788 : NTE788, Integrated Circuit if System For FM ReceiverNTE Electronics, Inc.
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