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IC and discrete list, page 21-14

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From 2717-3-00-44-00-00-07-0 to 148250-1

From 2310-1-00-44-00-00-07-0 to 148432-1

From 2317-1-00-44-00-00-07-0 to UB216SKG036CF-5J02

From UB216SKG036CF-5J04 to YB15CKG01-BB

From 178125-4 to MD1665-D512-X

From YB15MKG01-FB to 2311-3-00-50-00-00-07-0

From 2311-4-00-01-00-00-07-0 to 2803-1-00-01-00-00-07-0

From YB15WCKG01 to SDUCCE1-001G-0000

From 2355-3-00-50-00-00-07-0 to 35-3429-BU

From 2505-4-00-44-00-00-07-0 to IPR5SAD2104

From IPR5SAD5 to 2501-4-00-01-00-00-07-0

From YB16WCKG01-5F05-JF to 2705-3-00-01-00-00-07-0

From 2705-3-00-44-00-00-07-0 to PBW-12311ZB

From PBW-12313ZB to 2703-2-00-50-00-00-07-0

From GPB526C01BGR to SCB15S15B-3G

From E3JK-5M1-US to 2909471

From 2959492 to JPM16B

From 2512-4-00-50-00-00-07-0 to 2806-3-00-44-00-00-07-0

From UT-40SIH to 2962751

From 52512-1 to JPL16B-A

From 0821360 to EB41D2120

From EB41E1616 to A22-CW-01A

From 0206820000 to A22-FG-01A

From 0819262 to MSPF101B

From 0822408 to 0820426

From MS272492E3 to 176291-1

From 176292-1 to 74056-0010BLF

From 282842-3 to 864

From 53230-3 to A22-TW-01M

From A22-TY-01A to 1-1776555-2

From 951-06 to 0803883

From 53681-2 to 0828496

From 1-1776267-3 to 1-1776555-7

From C4067A.12.10 to 176299-1

From 178495-2 to A22N-PX47

From 1776267-6 to A22L-DR-24A-01M

From 2-1776258-4 to 1776262-7

From 1776262-8 to 5646955-3

From 5602355 to A22L-GG-12A-01M

From EPSILON5-UPG3 to A22L-GR-6D-01A

From A22L-GR-6D-01M to ED3191/10-KD

From ED3191/11 to A22L-HA-6A-01M

From A22L-HA-6D-01A to SU10K

From ED1550/10 to SU7500RT3U1TF

From A22L-HY-24A-01A to ED550/4DS

From 3023011-01M to EDZ602/8

From EDZ602/9 to GSB3211311WEU

From A22L-TW-24A-01A to 0887328912

From 0887329020 to 30-002-A-01

From X10B-0102 to EDZ770/2

From EDZ770/3 to 1222A2

From DA-70224 to TWR1650-LINUX

From ED130/10DS to EDZ770/6

From EDZ770/7 to ED3000/10

From 520.03-DGR to 0847281001

From 0847281005 to ED4100/11

From DLP-UT1 to OSTHT100080

From 320.2E11BLUREDLED to 74233-201LF

From EZURIOUSB-BT to AV9SLD2782002

From AV9SLD2782002K to ED750/2

From USBR-B-S-S-O-TH to OSTHG030080

From 8510ST to ED2205/5

From ED2205/6 to 1241.1100.7097

From ED3101/6-WD to ED590/7-DS

From 1241.1108.7097 to 1241.2806

From 1241.2806.071 to ED300/2BK

From 51740-10602807AA to 30-205

From ED350/2 to 37FBR2-AAW1121N

From ED793/8 to MDPL 0 S BTN 40

From MDPL 1 S 50 BTN 40 to KP0115ANBKG03CF-3JB

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