IC and discrete list, page 2-70

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From L-935 to L-955URC

From L-955URC-TR to L-H326XXXXSeries

From L-H331 to L-H513008B

From L-H513XXXXSeries to L1005

From L1005A to L113HDTTNR254

From L113HDTTNR5/86 to L1324

From L132CB/2GD to L1413SGDL

From L1413SRDT to L1513GT

From L1513IT to L15S6

From L15S60 to L18840

From L1896A/BLUE to L2008D8

From L2008L6 to L25S2

From L25S20 to L2720

From L2720D to L295100LAF

From L295100NAE to L3000SX-VC

From L3000SX-VM to L3281

From L3281AB to L3938

From L3989 to L433EDT

From L433GDT to L4810CV

From L4810CX to L4931ABD120

From L4931ABD120TR to L4931ABPT33

From L4931ABPT35 to L4931ABZ27

From L4931ABZ30 to L4931CDT47-TR

From L4931CDT50 to L4931CXX33

From L4931CXX35 to L493GT

From L493IT to L4947

From L4947L to L4957AV1.8

From L4957AV15 to L4973D33

From L4973D33-L4973D51 to L4987CXX87

From L4989 to L4X8E5

From L4X8E6 to L513YDT

From L514 to L56XVCS/L33XVCS

From L5766 to L6004D6

From L6004D8 to L60S100

From L60S12 to L616BGD

From L616BHD to L6207

From L6207D to L6226PD

From L6226PDTR to L6256

From L6258 to L6375D013TR

From L6376 to L64324

From L64360 to L6565N

From L6566 to L6671

From L6690 to L6919ETR

From L6920 to L702B

From L702N to L7104PBC

From L7104PBD to L7113SEC/E

From L7113SEC/H to L7212-02

From L7212-03 to L7404A

From L7414A to L7800

From L7800AB to L7806CP

From L7806CT to L7809CV

From L7809ML to L7812ML

From L7812T to L7820ABF

From L7820ABP to L7868-02

From L7885 to L78L06ABUTR

From L78L06ABZ to L78L12ACU

From L78L12ACUTR to L78L24AB

From L78L24ABD to L78M05CDT

From L78M05CDT-1 to L78M09ACDT

From L78M09C to L78M15CDT

From L78M15CDT-1 to L78M24ACDT

From L78M24ACDT-TR to L78S10T

From L78S12 to L7906CV

From L7908AC to L7922AC

From L7922ACD2T to L796BSRD/B

From L796BSRD/BDMP0.5670 to L79L08C

From L79L08CD to L79M05T-FA

From L79M06 to L813ED

From L813GD to L8312

From L8321 to L8574C

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