IC and discrete list, page 15-42

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From GJM0335C1E2R0CB01D to 04023J3R1BBWTR

From 3384 to FLUKE-434-II


From MCH185A3R6CK to ECJ-3VC1H332J

From ECJ-3VC1H332J to CC0603JRNP09BN391

From CC0603JRNP09BN391 to N9912AU-110

From 2480 to GQM1885C2A3R0CB01D

From GQM1885C2A3R0CB01D to ECD-G0E4R7C

From ECD-G0E4R7C to CC1206CRNP09BN4R7

From ECJ-0EB0J475M to GJM1555C1H4R7CB01D


From 203-P to P01145701A

From 3538 to PX0110

From 5021 to 0201ZK5R6BBSTR

From 0201ZK5R6BBSTR to 04023J5R6BBWTR

From 04023J5R6BBWTR to GJM1555C1H5R6CB01D

From GJM1555C1H5R6CB01D to CC1206JRNP09BN560

From ECJ-1VC1H560J to FLUKE-437-II/BASIC

From 22 to MY40-01

From MCH032AN6R8DK to ECJ-2VC2A680J

From ECJ-2VC2A681J to W4000C-E10

From MCH155A620JK to GJM0335C1E6R0CB01D

From GJM0335C1E6R0CB01D to GJM1555C1H7R0CB01D

From GJM1555C1H7R0CB01D to 0402YJ8R2BBWTR

From 06035J8R2BBSTR to FLUKE-1630

From 3466 to GQM2195C2A8R0CB01D

From GQM2195C2A8R0CB01D to 5GAD47

From B37981M5103K000 to GQM1885C1H9R0CB01D

From GQM2195C2A9R0CB01D to 0402YD273KAT2A

From 25502 to 0402YD473KAT2A

From 0402YD473KAT2A to 7835

From 0402YG683ZAT2A to 1825AC104KAZ1A

From 1825AC104KAZ1A to 1823A CAL D

From 1823A CAL DU to ST001

From ST124 to 53210A-400

From 53210A-GSA to B37950K1154K072

From EMK107BJ154KA-T to N9010A-507

From N9010A-513 to 33502A

From 0603YG224ZAT2A to W2L1YC224MAT1A

From W2L1YC224MAT1A to UP050F224Z-NACZ

From 72-585 to AFG3011

From 908 to N9310A

From 227 to 12065C474KAZ2A

From 12065C474KAZ2A to 12065G474ZAT2A

From 12065G474ZAT2A to BK4033

From 1881 to TMK063CG0R5DPGF

From TMK063CK0R5CP-F to TG2511

From 8460 to 1253

From 24307 to TMK063CG010DPGF

From 4682 to 12101C105KAT2A

From 12101C105KAT2A to 0612ZC105MAT2A

From 0612ZC105MAT2A to 6220/2182A

From 6221 to TMK212B7105MG-T

From TMK212BJ105KD-T to SK067C105MAR

From SK097C105MAR to 12065A1R2CAT2A

From 12065A1R2CAT2A to UP050RH1R5M-A-B

From UP050RH1R5M-B-B to UMK105CK1R5CW-F

From UMK105CK1R5DW-F to 8917

From 105-1089-00 to 1440-18-0

From 1440-18-2 to 2948-60-2

From 2BA-AL-36 to 3781-48-2

From 3781-60-0 to 4650-36-2

From 4702-24-0 to 5301-12-0

From 5301-12-2 to 6286

From 6288 to 72928

From 72935 to 76-122

From 76-123 to THWD-5

From 1298680 to THWD-5 CAL DU

From 1515-2 to 1960

From F0150550AA to 1206CC103KAZ1A

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