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From 2N6517 to 2N6544

From 2N6544 to 2N6569

From 2N6569 to 2N6594

From 2N65XX to 2N6661JANTX

From 2N6661JANTXV to 2N6692

From 2N6693 to 2N6762

From 2N6762 to 2N6789

From 2N6789LCC4 to 2N6800LCC4

From 2N6800SMD to 2N687

From 2N687A to 2N6990J

From 2N6990JS to 2N7002K

From 2N7002L to 2N7218

From 2N7218 to 2N727CSM

From 2N727DCSM to 2N914

From 2N915 to 2PA1774QJ

From 2PA1774QM to 2PC945K

From 2PC945P to 2RI60E-080

From 2RI60G-120 to 2SA08382SA838

From 2SA0879 to 2SA1048

From 2SA1048L to 2SA1193K

From 2SA1193K to 2SA1255

From 2SA1256 to 2SA1317

From 2SA1317 to 2SA1372

From 2SA1374 to 2SA1419

From 2SA1420 to 2SA1470

From 2SA1470 to 2SA1512

From 2SA1514K to 2SA1553

From 2SA1553-O to 2SA1606

From 2SA1606 to 2SA1678

From 2SA1679 to 2SA1710

From 2SA1710 to 2SA1766

From 2SA1767 to 2SA1807

From 2SA1810 to 2SA1853

From 2SA1853 to 2SA1907

From 2SA1907 to 2SA1977-T1

From 2SA1977-T1B to 2SA2023

From 2SA2025 to 2SA539

From 2SA542 to 2SA794A

From 2SA811A to 2SB0621

From 2SB0621A to 2SB09292SB929

From 2SB0929A to 2SB09472SB947

From 2SB0947A to 2SB1020A

From 2SB1025 to 2SB1115A

From 2SB1115A to 2SB1165

From 2SB1165 to 2SB1219

From 2SB1219A to 2SB1266

From 2SB1267 to 2SB1351

From 2SB1352 to 2SB1409L

From 2SB1409L/S to 2SB1474

From 2SB1475 to 2SB1587

From 2SB1588 to 2SB1664

From 2SB1667 to 2SB595

From 2SB596 to 2SB703A

From 2SB709A to 2SB792A

From 2SB798 to 2SB834

From 2SB852K to 2SB913

From 2SB913 to 2SB947

From 2SB947A to 2SC1212

From 2SC1212A to 2SC1621

From 2SC1621-L to 2SC1815-Y

From 2SC1815BL to 2SC2058S

From 2SC2062S to 2SC2324K

From 2SC2333 to 2SC2502

From 2SC2510 to 2SC2629

From 2SC2630 to 2SC2782

From 2SC2783 to 2SC2921

From 2SC2921 to 2SC3039

From 2SC3039 to 2SC3103

From 2SC3104 to 2SC3155

From 2SC3156 to 2SC3267

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