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Diodes' BCR420U and BCR421U constant current regulators provide a simple means of driving low current LED strips and panels in commercial and industrial lighting sectors. Particularly suiting those applications that benefit from the improved efficiency, flexibility, and longer life offered by LEDs as an emerging lighting source.

CompanyDiodes, Inc.
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The BCR420U and BCR421U monolithically integrate transistors, diodes and resistors to function as a Constant Current Regulator (CCR) for linear LED driving. The device regulates with a preset 10mA nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor It is designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect. Operating as a series linear CCR for LED string current control, it can be used in multiple applications, as long as the maximum supply voltage to the device < 40V. With the low-side control, the BCR421U has an Enable (EN) pin which can be pulse-width modulated (PWM) by a microcontroller for LED dimming. With no need for additional external components, this CCR is fully integrated into a 2x2x0.6mm package (U-DFN2020-6) minimizing PCB area, off-board height, and component count.


LED Constant Current Regulator Using NPN Emitter-Follower with Emitter Resistor to Current Limit IOUT 10mA 10% Constant Current (Preset) IOUT to 350mA Adjustable with an External Resistor (BCR421U) VOUT 40V Supply Voltage in U-DFN2020-6 Package 0.6mm Height for Low-profile Edge Lighting Low-Side Control Enabling PWM Input 25kHz (BCR421U) Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Reduces IOUT with Increasing Temperature Parallel Devices to Increase Regulated Current Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes & 2) Halogen and Antimony Free. "Green" Device (Note 3) Automotive-Compliant Parts are Available Under Separate Datasheet (BCR420UFDQ/BCR421UFDQ)

Constant Current Regulation (CCR) in: Edge Lighting Strips Emergency Lighting Signage, Advertising, Decorative and Architectural Lighting Retail Lighting in Fridges, Freezer Cases and Vending Machines Case: U-DFN2020-6 Case Material: Molded Plastic. "Green" Molding Compound. UL Flammability Rating 94V-0 Moisture Sensitivity: Level 1 per J-STD-020 Terminals: Finish - NiPdAu, Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 e4 Weight: 0.018 grams (Approximate)

Pin Function Regulated Output Current Enable for Biasing Transistor External Resistor for Adjusting Output Current Power Ground Not connected internally

1. No purposely added lead. Fully EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), 2011/65/EU (RoHS & 2015/863/EU (RoHS 3) compliant. 2. See for more information about Diodes Incorporated's definitions of Halogen - and Antimony-free, "Green" and Lead-free. 3. Halogen- and Antimony-free "Green" products are defined as those which c ontain <900ppm bromine, <900ppm chlorine (<1500ppm total Br + Cl) and <1000ppm antimony compounds. 4. For packaging details, go to our website at

xxx = Part Marking (See Ordering Information) Y = Year: W = Week: A~Z: 1~26 week; a~z; 27~52 week; z represents 52 and 53 week

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Voltage relative to GND, @TA +25 C, unless otherwise specified.)

Characteristic Enable Voltage Output Current Output Voltage Reverse Voltage Between all Terminals BCR420U BCR421U Symbol VEN IOUT VOUT VR Value Unit mA V

Thermal Characteristics (@TA +25 C, unless otherwise specified.)

Characteristic Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient Thermal Resistance, Junction to Lead Recommended Operating Junction Temperature Range Maximum Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range (Note 5) (Note 6) (Note 5) (Note 6) (Note 7) Symbol PD RJA RJL TJ , TSTG Value to +150 Unit W C/W C/W C

Characteristic Electrostatic Discharge Human Body Model Electrostatic Discharge Machine Model

5. For a device mounted with the OUT leads 50mm 1oz copper that on a single-sided 1.6mm FR-4 PCB; device is measured under still air conditions while operating in steady-state. 6. Same as Note 5, except mounted 25mm 1oz copper. 7. RJL = Thermal resistance from junction to solder-point (at the end of the OUT leads). 8. Refer to JEDEC specification JESD22-A114 and JESD22-A115.

Characteristic Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Enable Current DC Current Gain Internal Resistor Bias Resistor Output Current Output Current at REXT = 5.1 Voltage Drop (VREXT) Minimum Output Voltage Output Current Change vs. Temperature Output Current Change vs. Supply Voltage BCR420U BCR421U (@TA +25 C, unless otherwise specified.) Symbol BVCEO IEN hFE RINT RB IOUT VDROP VOUT(MIN) IOUT/IOUT Min Typ Max Unit V C %/V = 1mA VEN = 24V VEN = 50mA; VCE = 1V IRINT = 10mA VOUT = 1.4V; VEN = 24V VOUT = 1.4V; VEN = 3.3V VOUT > 2.0V; VEN = 24V VOUT > 2.0V; VEN = 3.3V IOUT = 10mA IOUT > 18mA VOUT > 2.0V; VEN = 24V VOUT > 2.0V; VEN = 3.3V VOUT > 2.0V; VEN = 24V VOUT > 2.0V; VEN = 3.3V Test Condition


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Diodes' BCR420U and BCR421U constant current regulators provide a simple means of driving low current LED strips and panels in commercial and industrial lighting sectors. Particularly suiting those

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