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TitleMultiple Function Sensor Development Tools Sensor Evaluation Kits
CompanyHoneywell / Hobbs
DatasheetDownload SEK002 datasheet
Product CategoryMultiple Function Sensor Development Tools
ProductEvaluation Kits
TypeHumidity/Temperature, Particle, Pressure Sensors
Tool Is For Evaluation OfAPB, HIH6000, HIH6100, HIH7000, HIH8000, HIH9000, MPR, HPM
Operating Supply Voltage3.3 V, 5 V
Interface TypeUSB
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Features, Applications

For Use with APB Series (Digital Versions Only) and MPR Series Board Mount Pressure Sensors, Honeywell HumidIconTM Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors, and HPM Series Particle Sensors

Quicker, easier sensor evaluation: The SEK002 and associated Honeywell software simplify sensor evaluation and demonstration by eliminating the need for the customer to develop any code before seeing sensor measurements. Remote mounting: In addition to being mounted on the SEK002, the sensor may also be mounted remotely if, for example, to be mounted in an oven for testing in a prototype product for proof-of-concept testing of the customer's end product. Cost-effective: Provides a cost-effective way learn about the capabilities of our sensors so customers can make better informed component decisions faster. Customers are then DESCRIPTION The Sensor Evaluation Kit, SEK002, provides an easier way to demonstrate and evaluate the following Honeywell sensors: Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors, ABP Series (digital versions only) MicroPressure Board Mount Pressure Sensors, MPR Series Honeywell HumidIconTM Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors: HIH6000 Series, HIH6100 Series, HIH7000 Series, HIH8000 Series, HIH9000 Series Particle Sensors, HPM Series The kit interfaces a selected sensor to an ArduinoTM Uno Rev3 Microcontroller Board. Honeywell software, which is provided free and is downloadable at sensors/evaluation-kit, controls the Arduino Uno Rev3 to take readings from the sensor. Sensor measurements are displayed on the user's PC and can be recorded to a.csv file for further analysis. Sensors may be mounted directly on the SEK002 or remotely connected to the SEK002 via wire leads, allowing the sensor to be tested in adverse environments, in a prototype product for proof of concept testing. FEATURESThe SEK002 has sockets and solder pads to receive the compatible sensors. The board is then plugged as a shield board to the user-provided Arduino Uno Rev3 board. (All sensors are sold separately. Only one sensor may be evaluated at a time.) Jumpers allow the user to select the sensor to be used, supply voltage and interface (I2C, UART or SPI). Uses an industry standard Arduino platform. Another Sensor Evaluation Kit (SEK001) is available for use with the TruStabilityTM HSC, SSC and RSC Series board mount pressure sensors. Sensor evaluation kits for other Honeywell sensors are in development. POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS Sensor demonstration Sensor testing and evaluation Proof-of-concept testing able to perform a thorough evaluation of the sensor without needing to develop additional code. Expedites development: As the SEK002 allows customers to test their product, this helps customers to expedite their development process.

Table 1. Sensor Evaluation Kit Contents and User-Provided Items1 Honeywell Sensor Evalution Kit, SEK002 Includes: Sensor Evaluation Board Jumpers for the ABP Series ABPDLNN100MG2A5 preconfigured on the board User-Provided Components Arduino Uno Rev3 Microcontroller Board (A000066)

Jumpers USB Interface Cable (Type A Male to Type B Male) Jumper Wires (for use with remote connections)

Jumpers PC with Internet access (Note: If using a docking station computer, ensure that the computer is not in its docking station when installing and running the software.)

The Honeywell sensor is not included with the SEK002. The user must purchase the sensor separately.

Table 2. SEK002 Compatible Sensors Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors ABP Series--High Accuracy, Compensated/Amplified Digital output versions only DIP, SMT, leadless SMT packages: SPI, I2C output

MicroPressure Board Mount Pressure Sensors MPR Series--Compact High Accuracy, Compensated/Amplified Leadless SMT packages: SPI, I2C

Note: Refer to the product datasheet for soldering information. Honeywell HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors HIH6100 Series, HIH6000 Series, HIH7000 Series, HIH8000 Series, HIH9000 Series SOIC-8 packages: SPI, I2C output SIP packages: I2C output

Note: See Appendix E for dimensions and more information on the breakout board. Refer to the MPR Series product datasheet for unmounted product soldering information. Particle Sensors HPM Series UART output

Note: A specialized cable (32332297-001), shown below and available separately from Honeywell, is required for use with the HPM Series. Do not use cables from other manufacturers. See Appendix F for more information.

Note: Refer to the product datasheet for soldering information.


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