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8Vdc 16Vdc input; to 54Vdc output; 65W Output power (max.) Features

Compliant to RoHS II EU "Directive 2011/65/EU" Compliant to IPC-9592 (September 2008), Category 2, Class II Compatible in a Pb-free or SnPb reflow environment (Z versions) Compliant to REACH Directive (EC) No 1907/2006 Wide Input voltage range (8Vdc-16Vdc) Output voltage programmable from to 54Vdc via external resistor Tunable LoopTM to optimize dynamic output voltage response Power Good signal Output overcurrent protection (non-latching) Over temperature protection Remote On/Off Ability to sink and source current Support Pre-biased Output Optimized for conduction-cooled applications Small size: x 8.5 mm(MAX) x 0.335 in) Wide operating temperature range to 85C] UL* 60950-1 2nd Ed. Recognized, CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07 Certified, and VDE (EN60950-1 2nd Ed.) Licensed ISO** 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities

Industrial equipment Distributed power architectures Telecommunications equipment

The Boost power modules are non-isolated dc-dc converters that can deliver 65W of output power. The module

can operate over a wide range of input voltage (VIN = 8Vdc-16Vdc) and provide an adjustable to 54VDC output. The output voltage is programmable via an external resistor. Features include remote On/Off, over current and over temperature protection. The module also includes the Tunable LoopTM feature that allows the user to optimize the dynamic response of the converter to match the load with reduced amount of output capacitance leading to savings on cost and PWB area.

CSA is a registered trademark of Canadian Standards Association. VDE is a trademark of Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker e.V. ISO is a registered trademark of the International Organization of Standards

8Vdc 16Vdc input; 54Vdc output, 65W output power (max.) Absolute Maximum Ratings
65W Boost Converter: Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Modules

Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. These are absolute stress ratings only, functional operation of the device is not implied at these or any other conditions in excess of those given in the operations sections of the data sheet. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended periods can adversely affect the device reliability.

Parameter Input Voltage Continuous Operating Ambient Temperature (see Thermal Considerations section) Storage Temperature All Tstg 125 C All 85 C Device All Symbol VIN Min -0.3 Max 18 Unit V

Unless otherwise indicated, specifications apply over all operating input voltage, resistive load, and temperature conditions.

Parameter Operating Input Voltage Maximum Input Current (VIN=8V,Vo=40V, IO=IO, max ) Input No Load Current (VIN = 0, module enabled) Input Stand-by Current (VIN = 12Vdc, module disabled) Inrush Transient Input Reflected Ripple Current, peak-to-peak 20MHz, 1H source impedance; VIN to 16V, IO= IOmax ; See Test Configurations) Input Ripple Rejection (120Hz) VO,set = 32 Vdc VO,set = 54Vdc All 15 IIN ,No load IIN, No load IIN ,stand-by mA A2s mAp-p dB Device All Symbol VIN IIN1max Min 8 Typ Max 16 10 Unit Vdc Adc

8Vdc 16Vdc input; 54Vdc output, 65W output power (max.) Electrical Specifications (continued)

Parameter Output Voltage Set-point (with 0.1% tolerance for external resistor used to set output voltage) Output Voltage (Over all operating input voltage, resistive load, and temperature conditions until end of life) Adjustment Range (selected by an external resistor) Output Regulation Line (VIN=VIN, min to VIN, max) Load (IO=IO, min to IO, max) Temperature (Tref=TA, min to TA, max) Input Noise on nominal input at 25C (VIN=VIN, nom and IO=IO, min to IO, max Cin =220uF) Peak-to-Peak (Full Bandwidth) for all Vo Output Ripple and Noise on nominal output at 25C (VIN=VIN, nom and IO=IO, min to IO, max Co=66uF Peak-to-Peak (Full bandwidth) Peak-to-Peak (20MHz) External Capacitance1 All Device All Symbol Vo, set Vo, set Vo

Without the Tunable LoopTM ESR 1 m With the Tunable LoopTM ESR 0.15 m ESR 10 m Output power All 32Vout Output Current 48Vout 54Vout Output Current Limit Inception (Hiccup Mode) (current limit does not operate in sink mode) Efficiency VIN= 12Vdc, TA=25C IO=IO, max , VO= VO,set

Switching Frequency All fsw 260 capacitors may require using the new Tunable LoopTM feature to ensure that the module is stable as well as getting the best transient response. See the Tunable LoopTM section for details.


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