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TitleBluetooth/802.15.1 Development Tools Thunderboard Sense 2 dbqdrssc
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ProductDemonstration Boards
Tool Is For Evaluation OfEFR32
Frequency2.4 GHz, Sub-GHz
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UG313: Thunderboard Sense 2 Bluetooth Low Energy Demo User's Guide

The ThunderboardTM Sense 2 Bluetooth® Low Energy Demo is a complete sensor-to-cloud solution for the Thunderboard Sense 2 kit and accompanying iOS/Android application.

The demo collects and processes sensor data from the Thunderboard Sense 2, and gives immediate graphical feedback to the user through the Thunderboard iOS/Android application. Cloud connection enables real-time graphs and past sessions of the sensor data to be viewed on other devices through the web client. The demo is open source and provides a great demonstration and evaluation tool for adding Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to a sensor or actuator project.

Orderable pn: SLTB004A EFR32 Wireless System-on-Chip Hall effect sensor Relative humidity and temperature sensor UV index and ambient light sensor Indoor air quality gas sensor 6-axis inertial sensor Barometric pressure sensor MEMS microphone Four high brightness RGB LEDs

Silicon Labs Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack Board Support Package including board peripheral drivers Bluetooth LE services supporting hardware peripherals Source code available

Bluetooth Low Energy enabled mobile application iOS/Android platform support Cloud connected Source code available

Web client based on Google Firebase Visualizes real-time sensor data and past sessions Source code available

The Thunderboard Sense 2 Bluetooth Low Energy Demo is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the Thunderboard Sense 2 and its many sensors and wireless connectivity. The demo consists of the Thunderboard Sense 2 and accompanying Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) firmware, the Thunderboard app with cloud integration and a web client. Once the app and hardware is connected using BLE, the Thunderboard app receives sensor data from the Thunderboard Sense at a regular interval for graphical visualization on the screen. The app lets the user turn on and off the LEDs on the board as well as control the intensity and color of the RGB LEDs using buttons and slide controls. If chosen, the app delivers sensor data to the cloud, which can be viewed live on other devices or saved for later use. Raw data from the sensors is also available for download.

ARM Cortex-M4 multi-protocol radio SoC Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko EFR32
UV index and ambient light sensor Silicon Labs Si1133
Relative humidity and temperature sensor Silicon Labs Si7021
Absolute barometric pressure sensor Bosch Sensortec BMP280

Figure 1.2. Thunderboard Sense 2 Hardware Features More in-depth information on the Thunderboard Sense 2 can be found in UG309: Thunderboard Sense 2 User´s Guide. All instructions, collateral and source files for the solution can be found here: | Building a more connected world. Rev. | 2

This section describes how to quickly get started with the Thunderboard Sense 2 Bluetooth Low Energy Demo. Before proceeding, it is recommended to download Simplicity Studio and check for kit firmware updates. 1. Install the Thunderboard app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store Links to the mobile app can be found here: 2. Launch the app If prompted, allow the app to turn on Bluetooth. 3. Supply power to the Thunderboard Sense 2 Connect a USB cable to the kit or insert a CR2032 coin cell battery. The Thunderboard Sense 2 now starts to advertise over Bluetooth for a duration of 30 seconds. 4. Connect the Thunderboard Sense 2 to the Thunderboard app Click the device that shows up on the start-up screen on the Thunderboard app to connect the devices. If more than 30 seconds has elapsed since power was applied, the left button can be pushed to put the Thunderboard Sense 2 back in advertisement mode for another 30 seconds. A green LED blinks on the Thunderboard Sense 2 when the board is in advertisement mode and ready to be paired with the app. The figure below shows the firmware state diagram running on the kit and how the start-up screen on the app looks like when a Thunderboard Sense 2 is ready to be paired.

Figure 2.1. Kit Firmware State Diagram and App Start-up Screen 5. Explore the app Click on the screen to navigate through the app, watch live sensor data and control the LEDs on the Thunderboard Sense 2. Streaming data to the cloud is also possible. The two figures below show screenshots from the app running on an Android phone.


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RD-0057-0201 Specifications: Product: Reference Design Kits ; Tool Is For Evaluation Of: BGM111, Si1133, Si7021, Si7201 ; Frequency:
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