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The is a three-phase gate driver IC designed for highvoltage / high-speed applications, driving N-Channel MOSFETs and IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration. High-voltage processing techniques enable the DGD2136's high-side to switch in a bootstrap operation. The DGD2136 logic inputs are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels (down to 3.3V) for easy interfacing with controlling devices and are enabled low to better function in high noise environments. The driver outputs feature high-pulse current buffers designed for minimum driver cross conduction. The DGD2136 offers numerous protection functions. A shoot-through protection logic prevents both outputs from being high when both inputs are high (fault state), an undervoltage lockout for VCC shuts down the respective high side output. An overcurrent protection will terminate the six outputs. Both the VCC UVLO and the overcurrent protection trip an automatic fault clear with a timing that is adjustable with an external capacitor. The DGD2136 is offered in SO-28 (Type TH) package and the operating temperature extends from +125° C.


Three Floating High-Side Drivers in Bootstrap Operation 600V 200mA Source / 350mA Sink Output Current Capability Outputs Tolerant to Negative Transients, dV/dt Immune Logic Input 3.3V Capability Internal Deadtime 290ns to Protect MOSFETs Matched Prop Delay for All Channels Outputs Out of Phase with Inputs Schmitt Triggered Logic Inputs Cross Conduction Prevention Logic Undervoltage Lockout for All Channels Overcurrent Protection Shuts Down Drivers Extended Temperature Range: +125° C Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes & 2) Halogen and Antimony Free. "Green" Device (Note 3)

Case: SO-28 (Type TH) Case Material: Molded Plastic. "Green" Molding Compound. UL Flammability Classification Rating 94V-0 Moisture Sensitivity: Level 3 per J-STD-020 Terminals: Finish ­ Matte Tin Plated Leads, Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 Weight: 0.250 grams (Approximate)


3-Phase Motor Inverter Driver White Goods ­ Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Refrigerator Industrial Motor Inverter ­ Power Tools, Robotics General Purpose 3-Phase Inverter

1. No purposely added lead. Fully EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) & 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) compliant. 2. See for more information about Diodes Incorporated's definitions of Halogen- and Antimony-free, "Green" and Lead-free. 3. Halogen- and Antimony-free "Green" products are defined as those which contain <900ppm bromine, <900ppm chlorine 1500ppm total Br + Cl) and <1000ppm antimony compounds. 4. For packaging details, go to our website at

= Manufacturer's Marking DGD2136 = Product Type Marking Code YY = Year (ex: WW = Week to 53)

Pin Number Pin Name VCC HIN1*,HIN2*,HIN3* LIN1*,LIN2*,LIN3* FO* ITRIP EN RCIN VSS COM VB2, VB1 Function Low-Side and Logic Fixed Supply Logic Input for High-Side Gate Driver Output, Out of Phase with HO Logic Input for Low-Side Gate Driver Output, Out of Phase with LO Fault Output with Open Drain (Fault with Overcurrent and VCC UVLO) Analog Input for Overcurrent Shutdown Logic Input for Functionality, I/O Logic Functions when EN is High An External RC Network Input used to Define FAULT CLEAR Delay Logic Ground Low-Side Driver Return Low-Side Gate Driver Output No Connection (No Internal Connection) High-Side Floating Supply Return High-Side Gate Driver Output High-Side Floating Supply


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