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TitleAC, DC & Servo Motors Parallax Feedback 360 Servo
CompanyParallax Inc
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Product CategoryAC, DC & Servo Motors
ProductDC Motors
Voltage Rating8.4 VDC
Length37.2 mm
Minimum Holding Torque2.2 kg
Motor Drive TypeDC Servo
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Features, Applications

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The Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo provides the functionality of a light-duty standard servo, continuous rotation servo, high-speed servo, and encoder in one convenient package. Like most servos, the Feedback 360° is controlled 50 Hz PWM signal. What sets it apart is a return signal line from an internal Hall effect sensor system that provides digital angular position feedback. Utilizing this feedback signal, your application can make the servo to turn to and hold any angle, much like a standard servo but with an unlimited range of motion. Or, rotate the servo continuously at a controlled, verifiable speed as a robot drive motor. Control signal response is nicely linear across the speed control range. BlocklyProp blocks and user-friendly C Propeller C libraries are in the works. Low-level position control example C code is discussed in this guide.


Bidirectional, continuous, feedback-controllable, low-load rotation from to 120 RPM PWM positional feedback across entire RPM range Internal Hall effect position sensor not subject to wear or sensor deadband as are potentiometer-style feedback systems No need to manually "center" the servo 3-pin ground-power-signal cable plugs onto the Activity Board's 3pin header Separate single wire with female connector supplies feedback to an I/O pin RPM: 120 w/feedback control, 140 max V, no load Gears: POM Case: Nylon & fiberglass Spline: mm OD Peak stall torque V: 2.5 kg-cm (34.7 oz-in) Voltage requirements: 6 VDC typical, 5­8.4 VDC max range Current requirements: mA 10) idle, mA 40) no-load, 1200 mA stalled Control signal: PWM, V 50 Hz, 1280­1720 µs Control signal zero-speed deadband: µs 15) Feedback sensor: Hall effect Feedback signal: PWM, 3.3V, 910 Hz, 2.7%­97.1% duty cycle Product weight: 40 g) Cable length: in (250 mm) Dimensions: approx. x 20 mm) Mounting hole spacing: mm on center Operating temperature range: to +70 °C)


Check for the latest version of this document, free software, and example programs from the Feedback 360° High-Speed Servo product page. Go to and search 900-00360.

Pin Name Description Servo input, PWM, 50 Hz, 1280­1720 µs Servo power supply Min 3.3 5* Typical Max Units V Yellow Feedback Servo output, PWM, 910 Hz, 2.7­97.1% duty cycle White Control Red Vservo

Black Vss Ground, common ground with microcontroller v *5 VDC is absolute minimum required for no-load angular position control. to 8 VDC is recommended for continuous rotation speed control.

The servo requires an input control signal sent from your microcontroller via the white wire connection. This signal, labeled tControl in the diagram and table below, is the time in microseconds 5 V high pulse. The control signal must be sent every 20 ms.

The duration (pulse width) of tControl determines servo rotation speed and direction as shown in the table below. The top speed will vary with supply voltage and load. Clockwise (faster to slower) tControl, 10 µs RPM, 1280....1480 140...0 Stop 1480...1520 0 Counterclockwise (slower to faster) 1520....1720 0...-140

The rotational velocity response to tControl is fairly linear. This example graph is for V, no load.

The servo sends a feedback output signal to your microcontroller via the yellow wire connection. This signal, labeled tCycle in the diagrams and equations below, has a period 1/910 Hz (approx. 1.1 ms), 5%. Within each tCycle iteration, tHigh is the duration in microseconds 3.3 V high pulse. The duration of tHigh varies with the output of a Hall-effect sensor inside of the servo. The duty cycle of this signal, tHigh / tCycle, ranges from 2.9% at the origin to 97.1% approaching one clockwise revolution.

Duty cycle corresponds to the rotational position of the servo, in the units per full circle desired for your application.


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