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TitleIsolated DC/DC Converters 1W 5Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7
CompanyRecom Power
DatasheetDownload R05P06S datasheet
Number of Outputs1 Output
Output Power1 W
Input Voltage4.5 V to 5.5 V
Output Voltage-Channel 16 V
Output Current-Channel 1167 mA
Isolation Voltage6.4 kV
Mounting StyleThrough Hole
Length19.5 mm
Width9.8 mm
Height12.5 mm
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Others parts numbering
RP-1206S: Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 12Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7
RP-1506S: Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 15Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7
RP-2406S: Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 24Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7
R12P06S: Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 12Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7
R15P06S: Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 15Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7
R24P06S: Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 24Vin 6Vout 167mA SIP7


Features, Applications

6V Output for GaN driver Applications Pot-Core Transformer with separated windings High 6.4kVDC/sec Isolation in compact size Low isolation capacitance (10pF max.) UL/IEC/EN62368-1 (pending), IEC/EN60950-1 certified

High slew rate GaN transistor drivers require an isolated 6V supply with high isolation voltage and low isolation capacitance. The RxxP06S series have been specially designed to fulfill this demanding requirement with 6400VDC/sec isolation and <10pF isolation capacitance. The internal transformer uses a pot-core to physically separate the input and output windings, yet the converter still fits into an industry standard SIP7 case. Input voltage options or 24V are available and the RxxP06S series is safety certified to the latest UL/IEC62368 standard.

Part Number R15P06S R24P06S nom. Input Output Efficiency max. Capacitive Voltage VoltageCurrent typ. (1)Load (2) [VDC] [VDC][mA] [F]

Notes: Note1: Efficiency is tested at nominal input and full load at +25C ambient Note2: Max Cap Load is tested at nominal input and full resistive load

nom. Input Voltage Output Voltage Single Output
Specifications (measured @ ta= 25C, nom. Vin, full load and after warm-up unless otherwise stated)

Internal Input Filter Input Voltage Range Minimum Load (3) Internal Operating Frequency Output Ripple and Noise 12VDC, 15VDC nom. Vin 20MHz BW Notes: Note3: Operation below 10% load won`t harm the converter, but specifications may not be met. 5VDC 12VDC nom. Vin 60kHz 200mVp-p

Output Accuracy Line Regulation Load Regulation low line to high line, full load to 100% load 5VDC, 12VDC nom. Vin 15VDC 24VDC

Isolation Voltage (4) Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Insulation Grade Notes: Note4: For repeat Hi-Pot testing, reduce the time and/or the test voltage Note5: An input fuse is required if the mains supply is not over-current protected. Recommended fuse: T1A slow blow type


Some Part number from the same manufacture Recom Power
RP-1206S Specifications: Number of Outputs: 1 Output ; Output Power: 1 W ; Input Voltage: 10.8 V to 13.2 V ; Output Voltage-Channel 1: 6 V ; Output Current-Channel 1: 167 mA ; Isolation Voltage: 5.2 kV ; Mounting
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