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TitleEMI Gaskets, Sheets & Absorbers 8.0x2.0x1.3mm 1.04RCS 2.0mOhms

W.L. Gore SMT EMI Gaskets provide exceptional protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) with easy surface mount (SMT) integration. Gore SMT EMI Gaskets maintain consistent contact and offer low DC resistance. The robust design of these SMT gaskets increases durability with large contact surfaces rather than single-point contacts. These Gore gaskets maintain signal integrity and reliable electrical performance in harsh environments.

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TypeGasket Pads
Product TypeHigh Conductive
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Length8 mm
Width2 mm
Thickness1.3 mm
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Features, Applications

The Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) Series of GOREŽ EMI Shielding Materials combines unsurpassed conductivity with the convenience of SMT-compatible format. These conformable materials are engineered to maintain consistent contact and low DC resistance. Unlike the traditional designs of pogo pins and universal clips that can easily break, the robust design of the SMT Series increases durability with large contact surfaces rather than single-point contacts. The unique construction of the SMT Series ensures that the device maintains signal integrity and reliable electrical performance in harsh environments. Because of their compatibility with SMT equipment for printed circuit board production, the SMT Series reduces total costs. Using these off-the-shelf materials eliminates the need for custom designs that can increase engineering costs. Also, no secondary processing is required, which reduces equipment and labor costs during production. Using precise SMT equipment to incorporate GOREŽ EMI Shielding Materials improves the consistency and repeatability of PCB assembly, thus decreasing waste. The SMT Series of GOREŽ EMI Shielding Materials offers a full spectrum of working ranges, making them ideal for use as grounding pads, EMI gaskets, and antenna contacts. The highly compressible SMT Supersoft Series delivers consistent electrical performance with minimal force required for initial conductivity. The SMT GS5200 Series offers the most conductive materials under compression in Gore's complete product line of EMI shielding materials. In addition to these high-performance characteristics, the SMT Series has been tested against a variety of environmental standards (Table 1).

Excellent shielding effectiveness and low DC resistance with conformable construction Reliable electrical performance achieved through consistent contact over time Reduced total costs versus custom options due to standard sizes and compatibility with SMT technology Increased design flexibility with easily integrated standard parts Consistent and repeatable assembly with parts that need no secondary processing Enhanced durability due to conformable material that maintains contact over time without compromising the integrity of the mating surface Faster production times because of standard solder process that requires no cure time

Typical Applications

Portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets GPS and handheld scanners/readers Telematics Gaming devices Personal computers and laptops Telecommunication infrastructure

GOREŽ EMI Shielding Materials - SMT Series is covered by patent No. 6,210,789 B1. Corresponding foreign patents issued. GOREŽ EMI Shielding Materials - SMT Supersoft Series is covered by patent No. 7,129,421 B2. Corresponding foreign patents issued.

RoHS Status* (lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, bromine) Flammability in accordance with UL horizontal burn method

Figure 1: Recommended Service Heights for SMT Supersoft Series

*W. L. Gore & Associates declares that we do not intentionally add substances listed in EU Directive 2011/65/EU to the Surface-Mount Technology Series of GOREŽ EMI Shielding Materials. Independent lab tests have been performed and results are available upon request.

The gaskets and grounding pads of the SMT Series are engineered to maintain conductivity in a wide range of service heights (gap distances). The closure force requirements and broad range of tolerance take-up in these materials results in multiple product options for some gap distances. Selecting the most suitable product for a given application depends on the following: Gap distance of interfacing surfaces Required compression force to achieve the specified gap distance Necessary DC resistance for grounding applications or shielding effectiveness for shielding applications at a specific gap distance The recommended service height for the various products in the SMT Series differs because of their unique constructions (Figures & 2).

The SMT Supersoft Series is highly compressible to ensure consistent electrical performance. These materials are con ductive on contact and resilient after compression (Table 2). This combination of highly compressible construction and minimal force requirements makes them an excellent choice for use with metallized plastic housings and a variety of components, including LCDs, flexible circuits, antennas, and cameras. In addition, the SMT Supersoft Series protects against harsh conditions like shock and vibration encountered in applications such as handheld scanners and telematics. The highly compressible construction also provides consistent contact in housings that have surface variations like those in magnesium as-cast enclosures.

Pressure DC Stop DC Stop DC Thickness Length Width Typical Stop (mm) Weight Height Resistance to Achieve Height Resistance to Achieve Height Resistance to Achieve (ohms) Compression (ohms) Compression (mm) (ohms) Compression (mm) (g) (psi)

A crucial factor in assessing the acceptability of gasket or grounding materials is their performance over time performance that can be evaluated only through accelerated life testing. To evaluate durability of the SMT Supersoft Series, industry testing was performed at various conditions (Table 3) with parts soldered to a test board. Figures & 4 show the changes in DC resistance following exposure to the outlined conditions. The minimal amount of change in DC resistance for the SMT Supersoft Series demonstrates consistent and reliable performance in demanding environments.

Table 3: IEC Test Standards for Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) Conditions

International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) IEC Test Standard No. 1 Cold 2 Dry Heat 3 Vibration 60068-2-2 60068-2-6

-65°C, 96 hours +85°C, 96 hours Sinusoidal to 100 Hz, 5g max. acceleration, 90 min. on each of the 3 axes +35°C, 5 parts by weight NaCl

6 Mixed Flowing Gas 60068-2-60 100 PPB, sulfur dioxide 7 Damp Heat 60068-2-78 96 hours


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W.L. Gore SMT EMI Gaskets provide exceptional protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) with easy surface mount (SMT) integration. Gore SMT EMI Gaskets maintain consistent contact and offer

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