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TitleDaughter Cards & OEM Boards Wi-Fi daughterboard for STM32F0DISCOVERY

STMicroelectronics Intelligent Wi-Fi modules are plug-and-play, standalone 802.11b/g/n solutions for easy wireless Internet connectivity integration. The modules are configured around a single-chip 802.11 transceiver with an integrated PA and an STM32 32-bit microcontroller. The modules also have an extensive GPIO suite, and incorporate timing clocks and voltage regulators. The modules are available either configured with an embedded micro 2.45GHz ISM band antenna (SPWF01SA), or with an u.FL connector for external antenna connection (SPWF01SC). With low power consumption and small form factor, the modules are ideal for fixed and mobile wireless applications, as well as challenging battery-operated applications. The SPWF01SA.11 and SPWF01SC.11 parts are released with an integrated full featured TCP/IP protocol stack with added web server and additional application service capabilities.The SPWF04Sx modules are also released with an integrated full featured TCP/IP protocol stack but include REST API for accessing files on servers in the cloud. The SPWF04SA support dynamic web pages with SSI functions to easily interact with the module and the host processor over the air.

CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Others parts numbering
SPWF04SA: WiFi/802.11 Modules
SPWF04SC: WiFi/802.11 Modules WiFi module with U.Fl. connector
X-NUCLEO-IDW04A1: WiFi/802.11 Development Tools Wi-Fi expansion board based on SPWF04SA module for STM32 Nucleo
SPWF01SA.21: WiFi/802.11 Modules SUBSYSTEMS
STEVAL-PCC018V1: Interface Development Tools UART to USB bridge


Features, Applications


The STEVAL-IDW001V1 provides a platform for evaluation of ST's SPWF01SA.11 Wi-Fi module. This product evaluation board integrates connectors for use in conjunction with the STM32F0DISCOVERY or with the STEVALPCC018V1. With the STM32F0DISCOVERY, it can be used as a USB dongle PC to evaluate the AT commands that are available in the Wi-Fi module firmware. This can be done using a PC utility such as HyperTerminal or similar.


Integrated SPWF01SA.11 Wi-Fi module Used as daughterboard for the STM32F0DISCOVERY Can be used with the STEVAL-PCC018V1 UART to USB bridge board Integrated reset button Integrated power LED Dimensions: x 65 mm RoHS compliant

When integrated with the STM32F0DISCOVERY, the STEVAL-IDW001V1 allows the use of the WiFi module as a network co-processor for the STM32F0 microcontroller. In this case it is necessary to write an application for the microcontroller to pilot the Wi-Fi module capabilities.

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1 JP3 Connettore sul bordo per mini dongle W F1 TMS JP4 R13 N.M. 12 SW PUSHBUTTON 100n ANTENNA LED3 N.M. C7 R14 N.M. 11 6 RESETN PA1 PA0 N.M. 5 4.7K NRST JTDI JTMS JTCK JTDO JNTRST +3.3V_mod LED4 N.M. R1 2 N.M. 100n SW PUSHBUTTON R3 10K

100n J3A N.M. PA3 PB15 (on Ext. board) PB14 (on Ext. board) PB13 (on Ext. board) PB12 (on Ext. board) PB11 (on Ext. board) PB10 (on Ext. board) PB9 (on Ext. board) PB8 (on Ext. board) PB1 (on Ext. board) PB0 (on Ext. board) PA8/MCO (on Ext. board) PA7 (on Ext. board) PA6 (on Ext. board) PA5 (on Ext. board) PA4 (on Ext. board) +3.3V VBAT_F0 (on Ext. board) PC13_F0 (on Ext. board) PC14_F0 (on Ext. board) PC15_F0 (on Ext. board) PF0_F0 (on Ext. board) PF1_F0 (on Ext. board) PC6 PC7 RESETN R10 270 Ohm PC5 LED2 YELLOW PC0_F0 (on Ext. board) (PC3_F0) PA0_F0 (on Ext. board) PA1_F0 (on Ext. board) PA2_F0 (on Ext. board) PA3_F0 (on Ext. board) (PF5_F0) PA4_F0 (on Ext. board) PA5_F0 (on Ext. board) PA6_F0 (on Ext. board) PA7_F0 (on Ext. board) PC4_F0 (on Ext. board) CON25 FEMALE Conn.

PC0 (on Ext. board) PC1 (on Ext. board) PC2 (on Ext. board) PC3 (on Ext. board)

PC9_16MHz_EN (on Ext. board) LP_CLK (on Ext. board) PB5 (on Ext. board) PB6 (on Ext. board) PB7 (on Ext. board) JTMS (on Ext. board) JTCK (on Ext. board) JTDI (on Ext. board) JTDO (on Ext. board) JTRST (on Ext. board) TAMPER (on Ext. board)

PB9_F0 (on Ext. board) PB8_F0 (on Ext. board) VDD_F0 (on Ext. board) BOOT0_F0 (on Ext. board) PB7_F0 (on Ext. board) PB6_F0 (on Ext. board) PB5_F0 (on Ext. board) PB4_F0 (on Ext. board) PB3_F0 (on Ext. board) PD2_F0 (on Ext. board) PC12_F0 (on Ext. board) PC11_F0 (on Ext. board) PC10_F0 (on Ext. board) PA15_F0 (on Ext. board) PA14_F0 (on Ext. board) PF7_F0 (on Ext. board) PF6_F0 (on Ext. board) PA13_F0 (on Ext. board) (PA9_F0) PA8_F0 (on Ext. board)


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STMicroelectronics Intelligent Wi-Fi modules are plug-and-play, standalone 802.11b/g/n solutions for easy wireless Internet connectivity integration. The modules are configured around a single-chip


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