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XP Power announces the QSB150 series of 150 W half brick DC-DC converters aimed at a wide range of applications where an ultra-wide input range are required. Conforming to the industry standard half brick footprint of 61.5 mm x 57.9 mm x 12.7 mm (2.40 inches x 2.28 inches x 0.50 inches) and having pin out compatibility with existing industry standards, the QSB150 is highly efficient, typically up to 92%. Available in six regulated single output models covering all the popular nominal output voltages from 12 VDC to 48 VDC, a voltage trim function allows adjustment of ±10% of stated output if required to accommodate line losses or non-standard voltage requirements.

CompanyXP Power
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Industry Standard 1/2 Brick +100 C Operation 1500 VDC Isolation Output Trim 10% Remote On/Off 3 Year Warranty

1. Maximum output current 24 A from 12 V input 2. Measured at 20 MHz bandwidth and tant/1 F ceramic capacitors on output electrolytic/1 F ceramic capacitors for 48 V output) 3. Measured 36 V input and full load 4. Minimum capacitive load 100 F required to maintain regulation

Pin Connections Single +Vin Remote On/Off Case -Vin -Vout -Sense Trim +Sense +Vout

1. All dimensions are in inches (mm) 2. Weight: 0.24 lbs (109 g) approx. 3. Tolerance: x.xx = 0.02 (x.x = 0.5) = 0.01 (x.xx = 0.25)

Characteristic Input Voltage Range Input Surge Undervoltage Lockout Hysteresis Idle Current Inrush Current Recommended Input Fuse Input Reflected Ripple Current 30 50 On: >8.5 V Off: <7.5 V Minimum 9 Typical Maximum

On Off When output is remotely turned off Fact acting type Through 10 H inductor

Characteristic Output Voltage Output Trim Initial Set Accuracy Minimum Load Line Regulation Load Regulation Transient Response Start Up Time Output Voltage Rise Time Ripple & Noise Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection Maximum Capacitive Load Temperature Coefficient Overvoltage Protection Remote On/Off 140 C Minimum 10 1.5 Typical Maximum 48 Units VDC ms mV pk-pk % Continuous hiccup mode, with auto recovery See Models and Ratings table See models and ratings table Notes & Conditions See Models and Ratings table See Application Note (28 Vout at 9-13 Vin Trim: +0/-10%) At full load and 36 V input No minimum load required From minimum to maximum input at full load From 0% to full load for single/dual output Maximum deviation, recovering to less than 500 s for 25% step load change. For 5V output, add 1000 F cap, for others add 100 F

Output on if remote on/off (pin 2) is open or high (3.5-75 VDC) Output turns off if remote on/off (pin 2) is low (<1.2 VDC max)

Characteristic Efficiency Isolation: Input to Output Isolation: Input and output to Case Switching Frequency Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Power Density Mean Time Between Failure Weight Minimum Typical 90 Maximum Units % VDC kHz C GB Notes & Conditions See Models and Ratings table 60 s

Characteristic Operating Base Plate Temperature Storage Temperature Thermal Protection Humidity Cooling Minimum Typical Maximum +100 +105 Units C %RH Non-condensing Base plate cooled Notes & Conditions

Phenomenon Conducted Radiated Standard EN55032 Test Level Class A Class A

Phenomenon ESD Immunity Radiated Immunity EFT/Burst Surge Conducted Immunity Magnetic Fields Standard EN61000-4-6 EN61000-4-8 Test Level 3 V rms 3 V rms 3 A/m Criteria External TVS, SMCJ78A Notes & Conditions Contact Discharge/Air Discharge

Pin Connections Pin Single 1 +Vin 2 Remote On/Off 3 Case 4 -Vin 5 -Vout 6 -Sense 7 Trim 8 +Sense 9 +Vout


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XP Power announces the QSB150 series of 150 W half brick DC-DC converters aimed at a wide range of applications where an ultra-wide input range are required. Conforming to the industry standard half


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