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TitleLED Lighting Development Tools 1 A, up to 60V Vin, buck LED driver board based on the LED6000

STMicroelectronics LED6000 Step-Down Monolithic Switching Regulators are designed to source up to 3A DC current for high power LED driving. The 250mV typical RSENSE voltage drop enhances the efficiency. Digital dimming is implemented by driving the dedicated DIM pin. The adjustable current limitation, designed to select the inductor RMS in accordance with the nominal output LED current, and the adjustability of the switching frequency allow the size of the application to be compact. The embedded switchover feature on the VBIAS pin maximizes efficiency. Multiple devices can be synchronized by sharing the SYNCH pin to prevent beating noise in low-noise applications, and to reduce the input current RMS value. The device is fully protected against overheating, overcurrent and output short-circuit. The LED6000 is available in an HTSSOP16 exposed pad package.

CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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STEVAL-ILL079V1: LED Lighting Development Tools 0.5 A, inverting buck-boost LED driver board based on the LED6000
LED6000PHTR: LED Lighting Drivers Power Conversion
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STMicroelectronics LED6000 Step-Down Monolithic Switching Regulators are designed to source up to 3A DC current for high power LED driving. The 250mV typical RSENSE voltage drop enhances the efficiency.


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