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ON Semiconductor NCP1399 High-Performance Current Mode Controller is for half bridge resonant converters and implements 600V gate drivers, simplifying layout and reducing external component count. The device has a built-in Brown-Out input function that eases implementation of the controller in all applications. The NCP1399 features a dedicated output to drive the PFC controller in applications where a PFC front stage is needed. This feature together with dedicated skip mode technique further improves light load efficiency of the whole application.

CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

NCP1399 Series High Performance Current Mode Resonant Controller with Integrated HighVoltage Drivers

The is a high performance current mode controller for half bridge resonant converters. This controller implements 600 V gate drivers, simplifying layout and reducing external component count. The built-in Brown-Out input function eases implementation of the controller in all applications. In applications where a PFC front stage is needed, the NCP1399 features a dedicated output to drive the PFC controller. This feature together with dedicated skip mode technique further improves light load efficiency of the whole application. The NCP1399 provides a suite of protection features allowing safe operation in any application. This includes: overload protection, over-current protection to prevent hard switching cycles, brown-out detection, open optocoupler detection, automatic dead-time adjust, overvoltage (OVP) and overtemperature (OTP) protections.

16 NCP1399xy AWLYWWG NCP1399 = Specific Device Code A = Assembly Location WL = Wafer Lot Y = Year WW = Work Week G = Pb-Free Package

High-Frequency Operation from 20 kHz to 750 kHz Current Mode Control Scheme Automatic Dead-time with Maximum Dead-time Clamp Dedicated Startup Sequence for Fast Resonant Tank Stabilization Skip Mode Operation for Improved Light Load Efficiency Off-mode Operation for Extremely Low No-load Consumption Latched or Auto-Recovery Overload Protection Latched or Auto-Recovery Output Short Circuit Protection Latched Input for Severe Fault Conditions, e.g. OVP or OTP Out of Resonance Switching Protection Open Feedback Loop Protection Precise Brown-Out Protection PFC Stage Operation Control According to Load Conditions Startup Current Source with Extremely Low Leakage Current Dynamic Self-Supply (DSS) Operation in Off-mode or Fault Modes Pin to Adjacent Pin / Open Pin Fail Safe These are Pb-Free Devices


Typical Applications

Adapters and Offline Battery Chargers Flat Panel Display Power Converters Computing Power Supplies Industrial and Medical Power Sources

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Figure 1. Typical Application Example without PFC Stage - WLLC Design (Active OFF off-mode)
Figure 2. Typical Application Example with PFC Stage (Active OFF off-mode)
Figure 3. Typical Application Example with PFC Stage (Active ON off-mode) PIN FUNCTION DESCRIPTION

Pin No. Pin Name HV NC VBULK / PFC FB SKIP/REM Function High*voltage startup current source input Not connected Bulk voltage monitoring input Skip threshold adjust / Off-mode control input Pin Description Connects to rectified AC line or to bulk capacitor to perform functions of Start*up Current Source and Dynamic Self*Supply Increases the creepage distance Receives divided bulk voltage to perform Brown-out protection. Sets the skip in threshold via a resistor connected to ground version NCP1399Ay. Activates off-mode (or Standby) when pulled-up by external auxiliary voltage source / deactivates off-mode when pull down by external off-mode control optocoupler version NCP1399By. Defines operating frequency based on given load conditions. Activates skip mode operation under light load conditions. Activates off-mode operation for NCP1399Ay version. Senses divided resonant capacitor voltage to perform on-time modulation, out of resonant switching protection, over-current protection and secondary side short circuit protection. Implements over-temperature and over-voltage protection on single pin. Adjusts the FB pin to a level below which the PFC stage operation is disabled. Provides supply voltage for PFC front stage controller and/or enables Vbulk sensing network HV switch. The controller accepts V on VCC pin Common ground connection for adjust components, sensing networks and DRV outputs. Drives the lower side MOSFET Increases the creepage distance Drives the higher side MOSFET Connects to the half*bridge output. The floating VCC supply for the upper stage

Over-temperature and over-voltage protection input PFC turn-off FB level adjust PFC and external HV switch control output Supplies the controller Analog ground Low side driver output Not connected High side driver output Half*bridge connection Bootstrap pin


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ON Semiconductor NCP1399 High-Performance Current Mode Controller is for half bridge resonant converters and implements 600V gate drivers, simplifying layout and reducing external component count. The device

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