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TitleStandard LEDs - SMD RGB

Cree QLS6A and QLS6B RGB LEDs are side-view, surface-mounted (SMD) LEDs designed to minimize the obstruction of the background image for high visual impact. The QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs are built on an innovative PLCC6 package with a shallow cavity, maximizing light output and enabling better color mixing. These tri-color LEDs feature anode and cathode pins for each color, simplifying design and providing greater control. The wide viewing angle and high brightness of the QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs make them ideal for indoor signage, decorative lighting, and gaming applications.

CompanyCree Inc.
DatasheetDownload QLS6B-FKW-CNSNSF043 datasheet
OrientationSide View
Illumination ColourRGB
Wavelength/Colour Temperature624 nm, 540 nm, 480 nm
Luminous Intensity900 mcd to 2800 mcd
Viewing Angle-
If - Forward Current14 mA, 12 mA, 16mA
Vf - Forward Voltage2.1 V, 3 V, 3.1 V
Length4.7 mm
Width1.5 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C

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Features, Applications

These SMD LEDs are packaged in an industry standard PLCC6 package. These high performance tricolor SMT LEDs are designed to work in a wide range of applications. A wide viewing angle and high brightness make these LEDs suitable for indoor signage applications.


Size (mm): 1.5 X1.3 Dominant Wavelength (nm): Green:(520-540) Blue:(460-480) Luminous Intensity (mcd) (900-2800) Moisture Sensitivity Level: 3 Lead-Free RoHS Compliant

Full-Color Video Screen Decorative lighting Amusement
Cree, Inc. 4600 Silicon Drive Durham, NC 27703 USA Tel: +1.919.313.5300
Peak Forward Current Reverse Voltage Power Dissipation

Operation Temperature Storage Temperature Junction Temperature Junction/ambient 1 chip on Junction/solder point 1 chip on Junction/ambient 3 chip on Junction/solder point 3 chip on


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Cree QLS6A and QLS6B RGB LEDs are side-view, surface-mounted (SMD) LEDs designed to minimize the obstruction of the background image for high visual impact. The QLS6A and QLS6B LEDs are built on an innovative

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