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TitleMemory Card Connectors 3 IN 2 CONN ASSY

TE Connectivity's 3-in-2 Memory Card Connectors enable SIM and micro SD card connectivity in mobile phones, tablets, ultra-portable devices, and personal computers. These card connectors provide a space-efficient design featuring two cavities with the flexibility to accept either two SIM cards or one SIM card and one micro SD card. The 3-in-2 Memory Card Connector saves about 20% PCB space over other combination-type card connectors. The 3-in-2 card connectors use an anti-buckling contact design preventing damage to cards during insertion and removal. The space-efficient design features a push-pin type solution with a mechanical lock function, better coplanarity control across the connector to help ensure fewer defects, and easier soldering during the manufacturing process.

CompanyTE Connectivity
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ProductCard Holders
Card TypeSIM
Number of Contacts20 Contact
Termination StyleSMD/SMT
Current Rating300 mA
Mounting StylePCB
Contact PlatingNickel
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2295782-1: Memory Card Connectors
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TE Connectivity's 3-in-2 Memory Card Connectors enable SIM and micro SD card connectivity in mobile phones, tablets, ultra-portable devices, and personal computers. These card connectors provide a space-efficient

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HA5554M2D : RESISTOR, 0.25 W, 0.5 %, 100 ppm, 54200000 ohm, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT Specifications: Category / Application: General Use ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, Axial Leads, AXIAL LEADED ; Resistance Range: 5.42E7 ohms ; Tolerance: 0.5000 +/- % ; Temperature Coefficient: 100 ±ppm/°C ; Power Rating: 0.2500 watts (3.35E-4 HP) ; Operating DC Voltage: 500 volts ; Operatin

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30-502 : Crimp Tool w/Die Set. Instructions 1.Select proper dies set for connector. 2.Identify crimp nest and place connector for crimping. 3.To complete crimp, squeeze handles together until ratchet pawl trips. 4.Tool will return to open position when hand pressure is released. Crimp is complete. 5.Adjust tool tension by removing screw and moving pressure mechanism positive or negative.

63900-4500 : . Fine Adjust Applicator for Micro-Fit 3.0TM Crimp Terminals Directly adapts to most automatic wire processing machines Quick punch removal with the push of a button for fast and easy tooling change Applicator designed to industry standard mounting and shut height 135.80mm (5.346") Quick set-up time; plus the crimp height, track and feed adjustments can be set without.

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1-200871-0 : JACK SCREW KIT, M3.5, 43.26MM M SER CONN. s: Series: M ; Accessory Type: Jack Screw ; For Use With: M Series Rectangular Connectors ; Thread Size - Metric: M3.5 ; Thread Size - Imperial: 6-32 ; Screw Head Height: 10.24mm ; Screw Length: 43.26mm.

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FX30B-2P-3.81DSA20 : Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors 2P B2B PWR CON STRT HDR 20MM H T/H. s: Manufacturer: Hirose Electric ; Series: FX30B ; Product Type: Connectors ; Pitch: 3.81 mm ; Mounting Angle: Straight ; Number of Positions / Contacts: 2 ; Number of Rows: 1 ; Current Rating: 10 A ; Packaging: Tray.

78726-1002 : DIMM Connectors 0.85MM DDR4 DIMM Vt T/H 0.76AuLF 288CKT. s: Manufacturer: Molex ; Type: DDR4 ; Series: 78726 ; Pitch: 0.85 mm ; Number of Positions / Contacts: 288 ; Mounting Angle: Vertical ; Housing Material: Nylon ; Contact Material: Copper Alloy ; Contact Plating: Gold ; Voltage Rating: 29 V ; Current Rating: 0.75 A ; Latch Color: Black ; Operating.

1418850-3 : Automotive Connectors Mcp 1.2 Cln Body-Sws. TE Connectivity MCON Interconnection System includes tab and receptacle contacts as well as housings and connectors. MCON contacts are commonly used for electrical and electronic applications for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The contact design meets standardized blade sizes and interface requirements.

DE3FW : XLR Connectors DE 3F XLR WHT/SLV S/. Switchcraft White XLR and White Tini-QG Mini XLR Connectors come in a wide range of contact configurations and are available with gold or silver plated contacts. Applications include stage or architectural lighting, 3, 4 and 5-pin DMX connectors, audio applications, and color-coding studio connections. Now available.

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09120022656 : Heavy Duty Power Connectors HAN Q 2/0-M HV 1.5QMM. Harting Han Q2/0 Connectors feature a combination of contacts 2/0, >=500 mating cycles, a 3 A size, an axial screw terminal and a temperature range of -40 C to +125 C. s: Manufacturer: HARTING ; Product Category: Heavy Duty Power Connectors ; Product: Inserts ; Number of Positions: 2 Position ; Termination.

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