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TitleRF Amplifier 45-1218MHz NF 4.5dB P1dB +33dBm

Qorvo QPB8808 Amplifier Multi-Chip Module (MCM) is an ultra-linear, QFN GaAs amplifier module designed for output-stage amplification in CATV infrastructure applications. The QPB8808 is designed to provide cable broadband service providers an easy upgrade path to DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) 3.1 with maximum flexibility and functionality while conserving power and reducing board space.

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QPB8808PCK401: Qorvo 45-1218MHz NF 4.5dB Eval Board


Features, Applications

The is an ultra-linear, QFN GaAs amplifier MMIC intended for output stage amplification in CATV infrastructure applications. The device features a push-pull cascode design which provides flat gain along with ultra-low distortion, making it ideal for use in CATV distribution systems requiring high output power capability. The QPB8808 draws approximately 525mA from a single +12V supply providing ~20 dB gain with excellent linearity. Users may adjust the bias current with external voltage enabling the to be used in applications such as doublers or for lower power system applications. The QPB8808 is packaged in an industry standard 40 pin 5x7mm QFN package with exposed paddle (EP) beneath the device for thermal and electrical grounding

501218 MHz Bandwidth Excellent High Output Linearity at Reduced Supply Voltages Ultra-Low CSO/CTB/XMOD Low Noise Excellent Input/Output Return Loss High Gain, 20.6dB typ. at 1218MHz Settable bias current Compact 5X7mm QFN Package +12V Supply Voltage 525mA Operating Current

HFC Nodes CATV Line Amplifiers Head End Equipment 501218 MHz 75 Amplifier
Sample bag 25 pcs 7" Reel with 100 pcs 13" Reel with 2500 pcs EVB with 5-piece sample bag
Data Sheet Rev D, Sept 2016 | Subject to change without notice
Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Device Voltage (VDD) Device Current (IDD)

Electrical specifications are measured at specified test conditions. Specifications are not guaranteed over all recommended operating conditions.

Operation of this device outside the parameter ranges given above may cause permanent damage.
Operational Frequency Range Current (IDD) Gain Flatness Gain Tilt Input Return Loss
Output Return Loss CSO CTB CCN OIP3 P1dB Noise Figure Thermal Resistance, jb

fo= 1003 MHz = 1200 MHz Vo= at 1218 MHz, 22 dB extrapolated tilt, 79 analog channels plus 111 digital channels (-6dB offset) +17dBm/tone f1=550 MHz, f2=555 MHz, +17dBm/tone fo=550 MHz fo=1218 MHz Junction to base

Notes: 1. Maximum deviation from a line using least squares fit across the band to 1218 MHz 2. Gain 50MHz 3. Standard EB configuration 4. ILIN resistor R1 set to 910 ohms, changing value may further optimize IMD performance

Data Sheet Rev D, Sept 2016 | Subject to change without notice
Data Sheet Rev D, Sept 2016 | Subject to change without notice


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Qorvo QPB8808 Amplifier Multi-Chip Module (MCM) is an ultra-linear, QFN GaAs amplifier module designed for output-stage amplification in CATV infrastructure applications. The QPB8808 is designed to provide

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