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TitleHEAT EXCHANGER 5.8X5.8X1.8"
CompanyAdvanced Semiconductor, Inc.
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ATS-HE21-C1-R0: HEAT EXCHANGER 10.5X5.8X1.8"
ATS-HE25-C1-R0: HEAT EXCHANGER 21.58X12X2.1"
ATS-HE26-C1-R0: HEAT EXCHANGER 17.52X14X2.6"


Features, Applications

ATS' 49 different options of tube to fin, liquid-to-air heat exchangers are made with the industry's highest density fins to maximize the heat transfer from the liquid to air. The heat exchangers fins and tubes are made of copper and stainless steel, allowing to be suitable for a variety of fluids.

Length: 21.9" Width: 22.9" Height: 2.6" Tube diameter: 0.4 and 0.5" Copper and stainless steel tubes Copper fins H igh-efficiency and high density fin design Silver-solder brazed joints Internally cleaned and corrosion protected Externally coated for corrosion protection Can be customized for different fans 100% pressure tested


Automotive Aerospace Medical Laser cooling Electronics Cooling Compressor Cooling Semiconductor Processing HVAC For further information, please contact Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. 1-781-769-2800 or

Heat transfer capacity to 22W per x 1.8" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 1077g (2.4 lbs), Weight w/fan: 1411g (3.1 lbs)

Heat transfer capacity to 46W per x 1.8" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 1759g (3.9 lbs) Weight w/fan: 2405g (5.3 lbs)

Heat transfer capacity to 64W per x 2.5" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 2211g (4.9 lbs) Weight w/fan: 2854g (6.23 lbs)

Heat transfer capacity to 117W per x 2.5" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 7000g (15.4 lbs) Weight w/fan: 7600g (16.8 lbs)

Heat transfer capacity to 97W per x 2.1" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 4018g (8.9 lbs) Weight w/fan: 5791g (12.8 lbs)

Heat transfer capacity to 177W per x 2.1" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 7422g (16.4 lbs) Weight w/fan: 11012g (24.23 lbs)

Heat transfer capacity to 250W per x 2.6" core size T = inlet liquid temperature - inlet air temperature Weight: 6750g (14.9 lbs) Weight w/fan: 9358g (20.6 lbs)


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