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PartEval Kit DMU380ZA-200
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TitleMultiple Function Sensor Development Tools EV Kit USB Interface Nav-View Software
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ProductEvaluation Kits
TypeIMUs - Inertial Measurement Units
Tool Is For Evaluation OfIMU380ZA
Operating Supply Voltage3 V to 5.5 V
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Eval Kit DMU380ZA-400


Features, Applications

The MEMSIC is a miniature fullycalibrated inertial measurement system designed for demanding embedded applications that require a complete dynamic measurement solution in a robust low-profile package. The IMU380ZA provides a standard SPI bus for cost-effective board-to-board communications.


Complete 6DOF Inertial System Optional 3-Axis Magnetometer Standard and High Range Options SPI (or UART) Interface Update Rate, to 200Hz

1KHz Clock Sync Input Miniature Package, 9.5 mm Lightweight 17 g Low Power Consumption 250 mW Wide Temp Range, to +85C High Reliability, MTBF > 50k hours

The MEMSIC IMU380ZA integrates highly-reliable MEMS 6DOF inertial sensors (optional 3-axis magnetic sensors) in a miniature factory-calibrated module to provide consistent performance through the extreme operating environments in a wide variety of dynamic control and navigation applications.

Precision Farming Platform Stabilization Unmanned Vehicle Control Robotics Control

Range: Y, Z (g) Bias Instability (mg) 1,2 Bias Stability Over Temp (mg) 2 Resolution (mg) Scale Factor Accuracy Non-Linearity (%FS) Velocity Random Walk (m/s/hr) 2 Bandwidth (Hz)

Range: Y, Z (Gauss) Resolution (mGauss) Noise Density (mGauss /Hz) 2 Bandwidth (Hz)

Operating Temperature (║C) Non-Operating Temperature (║C) Enclosure to +105 Aluminum (Gold Anodized) < 250 SPI or UART (user-configurable) to 200Hz (user-configurable) 1kHz Sync Pulse 1.0 mm pitch header

NAV-VIEW provides an easy to use graphical interface to display, record, playback, and analyze all of the IMU380ZA Inertial Measurement System parameters. NAV-VIEW can also be used to set a wide range of user-configurable fields in the IMU380ZA to optimize the system performance for highly dynamic applications. NAV-VIEW software is available for download from MEMSIC's website at:

Input Voltage (VDC) Power Consumption (mW) Digital Interface Output Data Rate Input Clock Sync
Size (mm) Weight (gm) Interface Connector

6DOF OEM Standard Range IMU 6DOF OEM High Range IMU 9DOF OEM Standard Range IMU 9DOF OEM High Range IMU 9DOF Standard Range DMU380ZA Evaluation Kit 9DOF High Range DMU380ZA Evaluation Kit

The DMU380ZA evaluation kits include an AHRS380ZA, evaluation board, and USB cable allowing direct connection a PC for use with NAV-VIEW display and configuration software.

This product has been developed exclusively for commercial applications. It has not been tested for, and makes no representation or warranty as to conformance with, any military specifications or its suitability for any military application or end-use. Additionally, any use of this product for nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or weapons research, or for any use in missiles, rockets, and/or UAV's 300km or greater range, or any other activity prohibited by the Export Administration Regulations, is expressly prohibited without the written consent and without obtaining appropriate US export license(s) when required by US law. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 1 Allan Variance Curve, constant temperature. 2 1-sigma error.

For more detailed information please refer to the DMU380ZA Series User's Manual available online at:


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