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CUI’s 300 W open-frame AC / DC power supplies are higher-power additions to CUI’s latest-generation open-frame AC / DC power portfolio. The VOF-300 series is designed to offer a combination of economy and performance in a compact, industry-standard 3" x 5" footprint. With efficiency up to 94% and no-load power consumption < 0.3 W, these power modules are ideally suited for energy-conscious ITE, industrial, and consumer electronics applications.

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VOF-300-24: AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 300W
VOF-300-36: AC/DC CONVERTER 36V 300W
VOF-300-48: AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 300W


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to 300W continuous power universal input voltage range industry standard x 5" footprint power factor correction remote voltage sense remote on/off control fan & 5 Vdc aux outputs covered and open-frame configurations over voltage, over current, over temperature, and short circuit protections UL/cUL & TUV safety approvals efficiency to 94%

Maximum output power (5 W for Vstb) with 10 CFM forced air, (3 W for Vstb) with convection cooling. At full load, nominal input, 20 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope, output terminated with 10 F electrolytic and 0.1 F ceramic capacitors. At full load, 25C, 230 Vac input. Standby output voltage. Present on all models. All specifications are measured Ta=25C, 230 Vac input voltage, and 60% rated output load unless otherwise specified.

Base Number Output Voltage Chassis: "blank" = open-frame CNF = covered Input Connector: "blank" = TAIWAN KING PIN TERMINAL PVHI series 1 = LONG CHU P3060 series

parameter voltage frequency current inrush current leakage current power factor correction no load power consumption meets EN 61000-3-2 measured with the PS-ON signal configured to OFF at 100 Vac at 240 Vac at 240 Vac, 25C, cold start conditions/description min 90 47 typ max units Vac A mA

parameter conditions/description at 115/230 Vac, full load 12 Vdc output models 24 Vdc output models 36 Vdc output models 48 Vdc output models at full load, 25C Vo Vstb high line to low line at full load Vo Vstb from full to 10% load Vo Vstb at 115 Vac built in trim pot (VR) at full load PS-ON = 0V PS-ON 60 0.05 power on PS-ON signal1 power off power good (PG) standby output voltage fan output

load regulation hold-up time adjustability switching frequency temperature coefficient
PS-ON = NC (internal circuit will drive PS-On to 11~16 Vdc)
TTL goes high 50~250 ms after powered on TTL goes low 5~20 ms before Vo 5 Vdc A 12 Vdc 500 mA
1. When not used, short PS-ON & signal GND.

parameter conditions/description latch mode 12 Vdc output 24 Vdc output 36 Vdc output 48 Vdc output auto recovery auto recovery (temperature 110 C models 130 min typ max units Vdc %

over current protection short circuit protection over temperature protection

parameter isolation voltage isolation resistance safety approvals safety class conducted emissions radiated emissions harmonic current emissions voltage fluctuations & flicker ESD radio-frequency, Continuous radiated disturbance EFT/burst surge conducted immunity power frequency magnetic field voltage dips voltage interruptions MTBF RoHS

conditions/description input to output for 1 minute input to earth for 1 minute output to earth for 1 minute

UL60950-1 (2nd edition) class EN55032:2012+AC:2013, EN55022:2010+AC:2011, Class B , FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart EN55032:2012+AC:2013, EN55022:2010+AC:2011, Class B , FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B IEC 61000-3-2:2014, Class & D IEC 61000-3-3:2013 IEC 2kV, 4kV, Class A IEC 61000-4-3:2010, Class A IEC 1kV, 2kV, Class A IEC 61000-4-5:2005, L-N: 0.5kV, 1kV, L-PE, N-PE: 1kV, 2kV, Class A IEC 61000-4-6:2013, Class A IEC 61000-4-8:2009, Class A IEC 61000-4-11:2004, Dip: 30% reduction, Dip: 70% reduction, Class A IEC 61000-4-11:2004, >95% reduction, Class B as per at 115 Vac, 2011/65/EU 160,000

1. The power supply is considered a component which will be installed into final equipment. The final equipment still must be tested to meet the necessary EMC directives.

parameter operating temperature storage temperature operating humidity operating altitude vibration2 shock2

5000 as per MIL-STD-810F Table 15~2000 Hz for 1 hour on each axis for 3 hours as per MIL-STD-810F Table 516.5, Table 516.5-1; for ms on each axis 3 times 4 75

VOF-300 Output Power vs. Input Voltage (Natural Convection)
VOF-300-CNF Output Power vs. Input Voltage (Natural Convection)


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CUI’s 300 W open-frame AC / DC power supplies are higher-power additions to CUI’s latest-generation open-frame AC / DC power portfolio. The VOF-300 series is designed to offer a combination


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SDI50-24-U-P5 : Desktop AC Adapters 50W 24V 2.1A Lvl VI C14 2.1x5.5 plug Specifications: Manufacturer: CUI Inc. ; Product Category: Desktop AC Adapters ; Input Voltage Range: 90 VAC to 264 VAC ; Number of Outputs: 1 Output ; Output Power: 50 W ; Output Voltage-Channel 1: 24 V ; Output Current-Channel 1: 2.1 A ; Commercial/Medical: Commercial ; DC Output Connector: 2.1 mm

PES1-S5-S3-M-TR : DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 1W CUI's PES1-M series features a compact SMT package, providing a 3,000 VDC isolation and an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. These single and dual unregulated output modules are members of CUI’s low power DC-DC converter family and have been specifically desi

PDQ15-Q48-S12-D : DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 15W Specifications: Family: DC DC Converters ; Manufacturer: CUI Inc. ; Series: PDQ15-D ; Packaging: Tube  ; Part Status: Active ; Type: Isolated Module ; Number of Outputs: 1 ; Voltage - Input (Min): 18V ; Voltage - Input (Max): 75V ; Voltage - Output 1: 12V ; Voltage - Output 2: - ; Voltage - Out

CMC-5044TF-A : MIC COND ANALOG OMNI -44DB Used to convert sound into an electric signal, CUI’s ECM microphones contain a permanent charge, eliminating the need for an external polarizing voltage. The models are housed in compact packages as small as 3 mm in diameter with depths as low as 1 mm. Featuring omnidirectional, unidirectional,

PBO-5-S5 : AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 5W CUI has expanded their open-frame AC-DC line with a family of ultra-compact modules in an SIP package. The 3 W and 5 W configurations of the PBO series measure as small as 35 x 11 x 18 mm (1.38 x 0.43 x 0.71 in), allowing them to occupy less board real-estate than other power solutions. The 3 W m

CMS-160916-30-3 : SPEAKER 6 OHM 700MW TOP 89.5DB CUI’s versatile line of rectangular micro speakers is the ideal solution for space-constrained designs. The speakers have a very-low profile and offer a variety of input power ratings from 0.02 W to 2 W. For increased durability, most models are available with Mylar cones. Thanks to the num

PCN1-S12-D5-M : Isolated DC/DC Converters 10.8-13.2Vin +/-5V +/-100mA 1W Iso SMT Specifications: Number of Outputs: 2 Output ; Output Power: 1 W ; Input Voltage: 12 V ; Output Voltage-Channel 1: 5 V ; Output Current-Channel 1: 100 mA ; Output Voltage-Channel 2: ; Output Current-Channel 2: ; Isolation Voltage: 1500 V ; Mounting Style: SMD/SMT ; Package/Case Size:

CP20147H : PELTIER, 15 X 15 X 4.7 MM, 2 A, CUI’s line of high-performance Peltier modules offer superior cooling performance and a longer cycle life with its innovative arcTEC structure. This unique construction utilizes a combination of thermally conductive resin between the ceramic and copper on the cold side of the module, a high

PQME3-D24-S24-M : DC-DC ISOLATED, 3 W, 9 36 VDC IN CUI’s 3 W isolated DC/DC converter series is the company’s latest addition to its portfolio of low power DC/DC converters. Ideal for converting and isolating fluctuating DC voltages, the PQME3 series features 4:1 input ratio ranges of 9 VDC to 36 VDC and 18 VDC to 75 VDC, single regul

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BUK7540-100A : TrenchMOS(TM) Transistor Standard Level Fet. N-channel enhancement mode Standard level field-effect power transistor in a plastic envelope using 'trench' technology which very low on-state resistance. It is intended for use in automotive and general purpose switching applications. SYMBOL VDS ID Ptot Tj RDS(ON) PARAMETER Drain-source voltage Drain current (DC) Total power dissipation Junction temperature.

EP2540-7R : 120195 Watt DC-DC Converters. Input voltage to 4 isolated outputs 4242V DC I/O electric strength test voltage Extremely slim case (4 TE), fully enclosed Extremely low inrush current, hot swappable Operating ambient temperature range 4071C with convection cooling Output 1 Output 2 Output 3 Output 4 Uo nom Po nom Po max Uo nom Po nom Po max Uo nom Po nom Po max Uo nom Po nom Po max [V DC] [W] [V DC] [W] [V DC] [W] [V DC] [W] Type.

KIA317P : Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit ( 3-terminal 1a Positive Adjustable Regulator ).

MAX6814 : MAX6814 5-Pin Watchdog Timer Circuit. The is a low-power watchdog circuit in a tiny 5pin SC70 package. This device improves system reliability by monitoring the system for software code execution errors. When the watchdog input detects a transitional edge, the internal watchdog timer clears and restarts, then begins counting again. If the watchdog timer exceeds the watchdog timeout period.

TMXS611 : IF SAW Filter. FC (MHz) = 190.0 ;; Min B (dB) = ;; Min B (MHz) = 4.0 ;; Max B (dB) = -43.0 ;; Max B (MHz) = 5.03 ;; Typical il (dB) = 21.0 ;; Package (mm2) = 24.7x9.0 ;; Configuration Input/output = Null ;; Application = Wcdma RX ;; = Base Station ;; = 3G ;; =.

V585ME14 : Package Style = MINI-14S ;; Frequency (MHz) = 1470 to 1875 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -102 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 0.80 to 20.00 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 35 ;; Power (dBm) = 6.00 ± 2.00 ;; Op.temp ( C) = 0 to 80 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 10.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 15.

CY4F41S-20.000 : Quartz Crystal Leaded HC49 Crystal. Part number CY48A CY100A Freq. (MHz) CL series 13pF series 20pF 32pF series 18pF series 18pF 20pF series 20pF 12pF series 20pF series 30pF 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 18pF 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series 20pF series Max ESR Calibration Tolerance: (Option).

CSNB481 : Solid State Sensors Closed Loop Current Sensors. Solid State Sensors Closed Loop Current Sensors CATALOG NUMBER SYSTEM PLEASE NOTE: This matrix is intended only to aid you in identifying sensor catalog listings. It is not all-inclusive, and must not be used to form new listings. Example: CSNA111 CSN Closed Loop Current Sensor Current Range (Peak/RMS nom.) A/50 A rms nom. A/50 A rms nom. A/50 A rms nom.

ADUM5240BRZ : Dual-channel Isolators with Integrated Dc/dc Converter, 50 mW. Integrated isolated DC/DC converter Regulated 5V/10 mA output Dual dc-to-10 Mbps (NRZ) signal isolation channels Narrow body SOIC 8-lead package High temperature operation: 105C Precise timing characteristics: 3 ns maximum pulse-width distortion 3 ns maximum channel-to-channel matching 70 ns maximum propagation delay High common-mode transient immunity:.

C-R15-M : Coils and Chokes for General use.

ADP1710-EVALZ : Eval Board - Linear Voltage Regulator (ldos) Programmers, Development System; BOARD EVALUATION FOR ADP1710. s: Board Type: Fully Populated ; Channels per IC: 1 - Single ; Voltage - Output: 0.8 ~ 5V ; Current - Output: 150mA ; Voltage - Input: 2.5 ~ 5.5V ; Regulator Type: Positive Adjustable ; Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 125C ; Supplied Contents:.

KPSE06E22-21SDZ : Aluminum, Olive Drab Cadmium Plated Free Hanging (In-Line) Circular Connectors, Interconnect Plug, Female Sockets; CONN PLUG 21POS CBL MNT W/SKTS. s: Connector Type: Plug, Female Sockets ; Shell Size - Insert: 22-21 ; Mounting Type: Free Hanging (In-Line) ; Fastening Type: Bayonet Lock ; : Shielded, Shrink Boot Adapter ; Packaging: Bulk ; Number of Positions:.

LM2422TE/NOPB : Pmic - Display Driver Integrated Circuit (ics) CRT Tube 45mA 100 V ~ 230 V; IC DRIVER MONOLITHIC TO-220-11. s: Package / Case: TO-220-11 (Formed Leads) ; Digits or Characters: - ; Configuration: - ; Display Type: CRT ; Interface: - ; Packaging: Tube ; Current - Supply: 45mA ; Voltage - Supply: 100 V ~ 230 V ; Operating Temperature: - ; Lead Free Status:.

S9S12DG12F1CPVER : Embedded - Microcontroller Integrated Circuit (ics) Internal Tape & Reel (TR) 2.35 V ~ 5.25 V; IC MCU 128K FLASH 112-LQFP. s: Program Memory Size: 128KB (128K x 8) ; RAM Size: 8K x 8 ; Number of I /O: 91 ; Package / Case: 112-LQFP ; Speed: 25MHz ; Oscillator Type: Internal ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Program Memory Type: FLASH ; EEPROM Size:.

SFM-115-02-S-D-A-P-TR : Gold Surface Mount Rectangular - Headers, Receptacles, Female Socket Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle; CONN RECEPT 30POS .050" SMT. s: Color: Black ; Connector Type: Receptacle ; Contact Finish: Gold ; : Board Guide ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number of Rows: 2 ; Pitch: 0.050" (1.27mm) ; Row Spacing: 0.050".

RG2012V-202-C-T5 : 2K Ohm 0.125W, 1/8W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RES 2.0K OHM 1/8W .25% 0805. s: Resistance (Ohms): 2K ; Power (Watts): 0.125W, 1/8W ; Tolerance: 0.25% ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Composition: Thin Film ; Temperature Coefficient: 5ppm/C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

ERJ-8ENF1104V : 1.1M Ohm 0.25W, 1/4W Chip Resistor - Surface Mount; RESISTOR 1.10M OHM 1/4W 1% 1206. s: Resistance (Ohms): 1.1M ; Power (Watts): 0.25W, 1/4W ; Tolerance: 1% ; Packaging: Cut Tape (CT) ; Composition: Thick Film ; Temperature Coefficient: 100ppm/C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

HCD64338083R : MICROCONTROLLER. s: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE. On April 1st, 2010, NEC Electronics Corporation merged with Renesas Technology Corporation, and Renesas Electronics Corporation took over all the business of both companies. Therefore, although the old company name remains in this document, is a valid Renesas Electronics document. We appreciate your understanding. Issued by: Renesas Electronics Corporation.

MIC24810-0104 : DATACOM TRANSFORMER FOR LAN; 10/100 BASE-T; AUTOMDIX APPLICATION(S). s: Category: Signal ; Other Transformer Types / Applications: Pulse Transformers, DATACOM TRANSFORMER ; Mounting: Chip Transformer ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F).

5STP21H4000 : 3443 A, 4000 V, SCR. s: VDRM: 4000 volts ; VRRM: 4000 volts ; IT(RMS): 3443 amps ; IGT: 300 mA ; Pin Count: 4.

0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z