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is an integrated IC for the wireless power transmitter. This device is composed of inverters for the coil drive, controller for the communication of the Qi compliant and demodulating circuit, GPIO, TCXO buffer, and I2C interface. BD57020MWV works as a controller in the wireless power transmitter based on the Qi compliant by using it with a general-purpose microcomputer. BD57020MWV is applied Qi ver.1.2 BPP / EPP (Baseline Power Profile / Extended Power Profile).

Input Power Supply Voltage Range: 5.3 V Input Adapter Voltage Range: 20 V Drive Frequency Range: to 205kHz Operating Temperature Range: to +85C


WPC Qi ver.1.2 BPP / EPP (Baseline Power Profile / Extended Power Profile) support. Half Bridge / Full Bridge inverter Foreign object detection GPIO 4CH I2C bus interface x 5.0mm UQFN package 40 pin


Figure 2. Product position in wireless power supply system

Product structure : Silicon monolithic integrated circuit. 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 14 001

This product has no designed protection against radioactive rays

Parameter VIN, ADPV, ADPI, SW1, SW2 voltage BOOT1, BOOT2 voltage HSIDE1, HSIDE2 voltage OVPIN, VDDIO, CLKIN, CLKSET, FSKIN, SCL, RESETB, TEST, ADDR voltage VDD, TCXOIN voltage COIL_IN voltage LDO33B , INTB, LSIDE1, LSIDE2, OVPOUT, MONI0, MONI1 voltage TCXOEN, TCXOOUT voltage SDA voltage GPIO2, GPIO3 voltage Power dissipation Operating ambient temperature range Storage temperature range Symbol VIN_H1 VIN_H2 VOUT_H Pd Ta Tstg Rating 3.26 (

(Note 1) Derate by 26 mW/C when operating above Ta=25C (Mount x 1.6mm board with front and back layer heat radiation copper foil x 4.5 mm, second and third layer heat radiation copper foil x 74.2 mm). Caution: Operating the IC over the absolute maximum ratings may damage the IC. The damage can either be a short circuit between pins or an open circuit between pins and the internal circuitry. Therefore, it is important to consider circuit protection measures, such as adding a fuse, in case the IC is operated over the absolute maximum ratings.

Parameter VIN terminal input voltage range VDD terminal input voltage range VDDIO terminal voltage range Adapter input voltage range TCXO terminal input frequency range Symbol VIN VDD VDDIO VADPV FTCXO Min Typ 5.0 3.3 Max Unit MHz 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 15 001

Parameter Whole Chip Operating circuit current 1 Operating circuit current 2 Protection block (the IC outside) VOCP VOVLO_VIN VOVLO_HYS VUVLO_VIN VUVLO_HYS VUVLOD_VDD VUVLOR_VDD VUVLOD_VDDIO IOCP ILEAKCOILIN1 ILEAKCOILIN2 ITCXOIN FTCXOIN VOHTXCOEN VOLTXCOEN ZOTCXOOUT FDRIVE Dutymin TDead RSOURCE RSINK VDD x VDD 0.2 205 VDD mA A MHz V k kHz Isource=10mA RS=100m VIN: 5.0 8.0V VIN: 8.0 5.0V VIN: 5.0 0V VIN: 0 5.0V VDD: 3.3 0V VDD: 0 3.3V VDDIO: 3.3 0V VDDIO: 0 3.3V External OCP operating voltage Protective circuit (the IC inside) VIN Over voltage lockout Hysteresis on OVLO VIN Under voltage lockout Hysteresis on UVLO VDD UVLO detection voltage VDD UVLO release voltage VDDIO UVLO detection voltage VDDIO UVLO release voltage Internal OCP operating current LDO33A block LDO33A output voltage LDO33A maximum output current LDO33B block LDO33B output voltage LDO33B maximum output current Demodulating circuit block COIL_IN leak current 1 COIL_IN leak current 2 TCXO_BUFF block TCXOIN input current Input frequency range TCXOEN L level output voltage TCXOEN H level output voltage TCXOOUT output impedance Inverter block Drive frequency Minimum Duty Ratio Dead Time Source resistance Sink resistance GPIO block GPIO L level input voltage GPIO H level input voltage GPIO pull-down resistor GPIO pull-up resister GPIO L level output voltage GPIO H level output voltage VOLGPIO VOHGPIO RPDGPIO RPUGPIO VILGPIO VIHGPIO VDD x 0.7 VDD 0.8 100 VDD TCXOIN=0kHz TCXOIN=32MHz Symbol Min Limit Typ Max Unit Conditions 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 15 001


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